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Corsair Obsidian 250D and SilverStone Sugo SG05-450 Cases Review: Mini-ITX for Gamers Corsair Obsidian 250D  SilverStone Sugo SG05-450  mini-ITX
[04/14/14 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we take a look on two of mini-ITX cases which easily can be used to build performance gaming system. The first, Corsair Obsidian 250D has fully compatible with the usual "desktop" components and offers wide opportunities for expansion. The second, SilverStone Sugo SG05 has a smaller size but it still has sufficient functionality.

New Level of Gold: Three Seasonic Power Supply Units Reviewed Seasonic Seasonic SS-650KM3  Seasonic SS-850KM3  Seasonic Seasonic SS-1050XM
[04/27/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

We are already well familiar with two generations of Seasonic X Series power supply units, which are 80 PLUS Gold certified. But the manufacturer doesn’t stop at that and today we are going to talk about the most powerful product in this series as well as a couple of refreshed PSUs of slightly lower capacity.

Corsair AX and AXi Series Power Supplies Review: Small Letter Big Difference? Cosair AX70  Corsair AX860  Cosair AX760i  Corsair AX860i
[04/19/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we are going to check out two pairs of “Platinum” power supply units with capacities of 760 and 860 watts, which belong to two different series: AX and AXi. Which one should be a preference for those who are looking for the most efficient power source for their systems?

Affordable Gaming Cases: Corsair Carbide 200R and Thermaltake Chaser A41 Review Corsair Carbide 200R  Thermaltake Chaser A41
[04/10/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

The system cases in this review belong to two different price categories: while Corsair carbide 200R is one of the most affordable gaming option, Thermaltake Chaser A41 is from more of a mainstream price range.

Compact Power: Review of Five Low-Profile PSUs from Seasonic and Enhance
[03/30/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

The versatility of compact power supply units is overwhelming: SFX12V (in several different implementations), TFX12V, CFX12V, LFX12V, FlexATX... Today we will discuss the units from two very popular categories: TFX12V units are often used in compact system cases, while FlexATX power supplies are also a popular choice for U1 servers.

Thermaltake System Cases: 5 Models Reviewed Thermaltake Commander MS-I  Thermaltake Commander MS-II  Thermaltake Commander MS-III  Thermaltake Level 10 GTS  Thermaltake Armor Revo
[02/14/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Thermaltake is one of the oldest case makers, who is still highly active in the market. The company is offering products for every budget; from entry-level up to the most advanced and sophisticated. Today we are going to talk about the products from different price categories: affordable Commander MS-I, MS-II and MS-III, mainstream Level 10 GTS and a high-end Armor Revo.

Affordable Gold from Seasonic: G-360 and G-550 Power Supply Units Review Seasonic G-360  Seasonic G-550  Seasonic SSR-360GP  Seasonic SSR-550RM
[01/15/13 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

So far we have only come across Seasonic power supply units certified according to the highest standards in the upper price segment. However, the new G series units with 80 PLUS Gold certification belong to a much more affordable mainstream range.

Four Versions of Compact: Mini-ITX System Cases Roundup Antec ISK 310-150  Antec FP-150-8  Foxconn RS-338(L)  Foxconn FX-250T  InWin IW-BM643  InWin IP-AD160-2  InWin IW-BP659  InWin IP-S200DF1-0
[12/04/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we will talk about four miniature system cases from such well-known makers as Antec, Foxconn and InWin. We will not only check out the features and functionality of the cases, but will also perform a detailed test of the default power supply units that come with them.

Roundup: Power Supply Units with 600-700 W Capacity Chieftec CTG-650C  Cooler Master RS-500-ASAB  Cooler Master RS-600-ASAB  Cooler Master RS-700-ASAB  Corsair CMPSU-600CX V2  Corsair GS600  Corsair GS700  Corsair TX650  Zalman ZM700-GT
[11/12/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

We would like to talk about nine power supply units from the most popular 600-700 W wattage range, which represent six different series of devices from four manufacturers: Chieftec, Cooler Master, Corsair and Zalman.

Corsair AX1200i Power Supply Unit Review: Did Anyone Order Intelligence? Corsair AX1200i  Corsair Link
[11/05/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we are going to talk about an innovative power supply unit from Corsair supporting Corsair Link interface that allows configuring and monitoring the PSU parameters in real time. Plus it is a 1200 W PSU.

Power Supply Units with 800-860 W Capacity: 4 Models Reviewed Chieftec BPS-850C2  Corsair GS800  Cooler Master Silent Pro M2  Seasonic SS-860XP
[10/29/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Power supply units with about 800 W capacity are an optimal choice for pretty powerful gaming rigs these days. They can easily power a couple of high-end graphics accelerators and a fast CPU (even at non-nominal frequencies), but their price is not too high at the same time. Today we will talk about four great products like that from Chieftec, Cooler Master, Corsair and Seasonic.

Cooler Master Power Supply Units Review: Is One Number Important? Cooler Master Silent Pro M  Cooler Master Silent Pro M2
[09/28/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we are going to talk about two 1 kW power supply units from Cooler Master that have practically identical model names (one digit difference), the same market positioning and identical wattage. They both belong to the Silent Pro family, though come from two different generations.

Numerology: Antec System Cases Roundup Antec One  Antec Eleven Hundred  Antec P280
[09/19/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Antec system cases from the previous series boasted some truly unique features, which would often make assembly difficult and would always affect their price. New Antec system cases, which we will be talking about today, namely – One, Eleven Hundred and P280, have more traditional design and much more appealing price.

Midrange Power Supply Units Roundup: 520-650 W Antec High Current Gamer  HCG-620M  Antec EarthWatts EA-650 Platinum  Chieftec CTG-600-80P  Chieftec SPS-650C  HIPRO HP-D5201AW  OCZ OCZ-ZS550W
[07/30/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Power supply units with midrange wattage remain among the most popular choices these days. Today we are going to talk about half a dozen models from Antec, Chieftec, HIPRO and OCZ Technology.

Gold from Corsair: Corsair AX PSU Series Roundup Corsair AX650  Corsair AX750  Corsair AX850
[05/16/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we are going to talk about three power supply units from the Corsair AX 80 PLUS Gold certified series with the wattage ranging from 650 to 850 watts.

Mainstream System Cases from Corsair: Carbide Family Corsair Carbide  Corsair Carbide 300R  Corsair Carbide 400R  Corsair Carbide 500R
[05/13/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

We have already discussed the high-end Corsair system cases from the Graphite and Obsidian series. The products reviewed today belong to the third series, which is the newest and also the most affordable one at this time. Will they be as good in their class as their predecessors? Let’s find out.

Scandinavian Approach in Chinese Implementation: Fractal Design System Cases Fractal Design Core 3000  Fractal Design Arc  Fractal Design Define R3  Fractal Design Define XL
[04/16/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Products of the Swedish Fractal Design Company appear on our web-site for the first time. Let’s find out how good these system cases really are. We will check out four models: Core 3000, Arc, Define R3 and Define XL.

Silent Power: Fanless PSU Roundup fanless power supply unit  Enhance ATX-0340N  Seasonic SS-460FL  SilverStone Nightjar SST-ST50NF  Kingwin Stryker STR-500
[04/07/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

I am sure that anyone would love to have a quiet power supply unit in their system. The products addressing these wishes are the fanless PSU models, which have no noise-making components by definition. Today we are going to talk about four products like that from Enhance, Kingwin, Seasonic and Silverstone.

Aerocool Power Supply Units Roundup Aerocool VP  Aerocool VP-550  Aerocool VP-650  Aerocool VP-750  Aerocool Strike-X  Aerocool PSU
[03/26/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

We known Aerocool Company for their diverse system cases, but they also produce power supply units. In fact, they have four different PSU lineups. Today we are going to introduce to you two of them: three power supplies will represent the Value series and one – the highest-end Strike-X series.

Gold for Everyone: Power Supply Unit Roundup 80 PLUS Gold  Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold  Cougar GX G900  Cougar GX G1050  OCZ ZX 1000W  Seasonic SS-850KM Active PFC F3
[03/18/12 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

Today we are going to talk about five power supply units from Cooler Master, Cougar, OCZ and Seasonic certified according to 80 PLUS Gold standard. Their wattage ranges from 600 to 1050 W, which provides a choice to everyone who is looking for a quality PSU.