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New Mainstream System Cases: Cooler Master USP 100, Foxconn G007, GMC H-80 and Zalman Z7 Plus Cooler Master USP 100  Foxconn G007  GMC H-80  Zalman Z7 Plus
[08/10/10 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We continue talking about mainstream system cases. Today we will introduce to you four new models, one from each of the following manufacturers: Cooler Master, Foxconn, GMC and Zalman.

Gold and Bronze: Seasonic Power Supply Units Roundup Seasonic S12-II Bronze  SS-430GB  SS-520GB  Seasonic M12-II Bronze  SS-620GM  Seasonic X-750  SS-750KM
[07/15/10 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We are going to talk about four power supply units from Seasonic, three of which continue the legendary S12 series, while the fourth is a completely new product, the first flagship model in the X family.

High-Capacity Power Supply Units Roundup: Eleven 800-850 W PSUs Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-850  CoolerMaster RealPower M850  RS-850-ESBA  Corsair HX850W  CMPSU-850HX  Corsair TX850W  CMPSU-850TX  Enermax MODU87+  EMG800EWT  Enhance EPS-1280GA  Huntkey HK901-11PEP  Kingwin Lazer LZ-850  Tagan SuperRock TG880-U33II  Ul
[06/11/10 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This roundup discusses eleven power supply units from different manufacturers with capacities from 800 to 850 W. You will meet solutions from familiar makers as well as from the companies, which PSUs are featured in our article for the first time.

Universal Cases: Cooler Master 690 II Advanced and Zalman MS1000-HS2 Cooler Master 690 II Advanced  Zalman MS1000-HS2  midi-tower
[04/12/10 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We would like to introduce to you two cases designed in the most popular Midi-Tower form-factor. These two solutions have great potential for a universal home computer system. Read more in our review!

Chieftec Power Supply Units Roundup: New Models Chieftec A135  Chieftec APS-550S  Chieftec Super  Chieftec CFT-600-14CS  Chieftec APS-750C
[03/04/10 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We will introduce to you three new power supply units from Chieftec ranging from 550 to 750 W. Read more in our new article.

Four Mainstream System Cases from AeroCool, Enermax, NZXT and Scythe AeroCool Syclone  Enermax Phoenix Neo  NZXT Beta EVO  Scythe Fenris Wolf
[03/02/10 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to talk about four system cases of the most popular type: mainstream price range. We will talk not only about solutions with classical design that stood the test of time, but also about a few truly unique products. Among our testing participants are AeroCool Syclone, Enermax Phoenix Neo, NZXT Beta EVO and Scythe Fenris Wolf.

Three Giants: Cooler Master Cosmos 1000, Corsair Obsidian 800D and Lian Li PC-X2000 Cooler Master Cosmos 1000  Corsair Obsidian 800D  Lian Li PC-X2000
[01/25/10 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to talk about three extremely large system cases that demonstrate dramatically different approaches to internal components organization. The interesting thing is that all three of them are targeted for the most demanding and sophisticated computer users.

Charming Compactness: Mini-ITX Cases Roundup Cooler Master Elite 100  Cooler Master RS-150-FSGA-J3  Foxconn RS-224  Channel Well DSI250P  InWin IW-BM648  InWin IP-AD160-2  Silverstone Sugo SG-06B  FSP FSP300-60GHS  SuperPower Mustiff MX-31  SuperPower RealPower 200XA  mini-ITX
[01/14/10 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Today we are going to talk about five mini-ITX system cases from Cooler Master, Foxconn, InWin, Silverstone and SuperPower. How easy is it to put together a simple computer system inside them? And what about something more powerful? Will the enclosed power supplies be powerful enough for that challenge?

A Great Ship Needs Deep Waters: 14 Power Supply Units with 1000W+ Capacity power supply unit roundup  1000W  1200W  1250W  1500W
[10/05/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Our roundup will talk about 14 power supply units from 12 different manufacturers that have one thing in common: they all offer capacity of 1000W or higher.

GMC AVC-S7: Ultra-Slim HTPC Case GMC  AVC-S7  HTPC  ultra-slim case
[10/04/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to talk about the slimmest home theater PC case that will look great among other audio- and video- devices in your living room.

Big Fans and More: AeroCool System Cases Roundup
[08/07/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

In our today’s roundup we would like to introduce to you seven system cases from AeroCool. They stand out among competitors due unique design solutions, such as 400 mm side fans, for example.

Zalman GS1000 and Z-Machine GT1000 System Cases Review
[07/30/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to introduce to you two system cases from Zalman. Will this company manage to show us something unique, something different from the competition? Let’s find out.

Heavy Cavalry in Desktop Format: GMC R-4 Bulldozer System Case Review
[07/20/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We would like to introduce to you a compact system case from GMC that stands out among competitors due to its unique looks.

IKONIK Power Supply Units Roundup
[07/15/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

IKONIK is a young Taiwanese Company founded a little over a year ago. However, it has already become pretty known due to aggressive market conquering strategy. Our article will cover the entire lineup of power supply units ranging in capacity from 450 W to 1200 W.

IKONIK System Cases: Taran A20 and Zaria A20 SIM
[07/15/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Our today’s article is devoted to two system cases from IKONIK – a company that has emerged in this market fairly recently. Both cases we are going to discuss belong to the most widely spread tower-type.

Two Different System Cases from Antec: Mini P180 and NSK6580B
[06/29/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

While one of these models is extremely close to typical Midi-Tower cases, the other one, though similar in size, is dramatically different inside. Thick panels, PSU at the bottom, large front panel fan… Read more in our new review!

Revolution at Your Doorstep: New Power Supply Units from Antec, Enermax and Seasonic
[06/25/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

DC-DC converters, independent stabilization, synchronous transformers and synchronous rectifiers, over 90% efficiency factor – please meet new high-end power supplies: Antec Signature, Enermax Revolution 85+ and Seasonic M12D.

PC Power Consumption: How Many Watts Do We Need?
[06/07/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This investigation will not only discuss the new equipment we are going to use from now on for quick, easy and detailed power consumption analysis of complete computer systems and individual components. We are also going to talk about a few typical system configurations and try to determine what power supply will be sufficient for them.

It's Real: High-Performance Gaming PC in Micro-ATX!
[05/13/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We usually assemble high-performance computer systems in tower cases with pretty significant internal volume. However, not all traditions are worth honoring forever. Today we decided to break the common stereotypes and show that a pretty high-performance system with a Core i7 CPU may be put together in a compact micro-ATX form-factor.

1500W Power Supplies: Thermaltake and Xigmatek Solutions Reviewed
[04/02/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Today we will talk about two power supply units of gigantic capacity: Xigmatek "No Rules Power" NRP-HC1501 and Thermaltake Toughpower 1500A W0171.