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GMC System Cases Roundup of Three
[03/26/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We would like to introduce to you two compact system cases from GMC that are designed to accommodate full-size ATX mainboards and a very interesting system case for an HTPC-system.

Chieftec Power Supply Units Roundup
[03/25/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

In our today’s roundup we would like to talk about power supply units from Chieftec. We will discuss the features and performance of 10 models ranging from 400W to 1200W.

Big Guys: Antec Twelve Hundred and A+ Black Pearl System Cases Antec Twelve Hundred  Antec A+ Black Pearl
[02/16/09 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Despite similar - and pretty big – size, these two system cases designed in Big Tower form-factor offer us two completely different approaches to organization of their internal space and structure. Read our review for more details.

Antec Skeleton System Case Review
[01/30/09 | by Doors4ever]

This article will talk about a truly unique case with original design that boasts easy access to all system components, excellent cooling at very low noise level and extravagant looks. It has only one, but very serious drawback. Find out more from our review!

Enermax Power Supply Units Roundup
[01/22/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

The PSU’s we are going to discuss in our today’s article can be split in two groups: good old models from Galaxy, Infinity and Liberty series, and the new MODU82+ and PRO82+.

ASUS Power Supply Units: Three Models Reviewed
[01/15/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We have already tested ASUS power supply units once in our lab back in the far away 2004. Today we are going to check out three new products from this manufacturer ranging from 550 to 750 W.

Mainstream Cases Roundup: HEC, Gigabyte and Raidmax
[12/07/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to discuss three system cases and their modifications from the mainstream price segment from such popular brands as HEC, Gigabyte and Raidmax. Hopefully our article will help you make your choice.

Hiper Power Supply Units Roundup
[11/19/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Four out of five Hiper PSUs we are going to talk about today have not only new parameters and functionality, but are manufactured by a different company. Hiper decided to replace their former manufacturer with a well known Channel Well. Their functionality, however, is truly great. Three models out of five have a built-in USB 2.0 hub.

Corsair Power Supply Units Roundup
[10/10/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Today we are going to talk about four power supply units from a well-known manufacturer of computer memory – Corsair Company. We will discuss solutions targeted for different market segments and ranging from 450W up to 1kW capacity.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part X
[09/29/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This article is our report about five power supplies from well-known brands ranging from 500W to 800W . Two companies, namely Thermaltake and Enermax, are long known as PSU makers, but the other three are new names in the market of power supplies.

Roundup: Seven Power Supply Units from Antec
[06/24/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

In this article we are going to discuss seven power supply units from Antec that can be purchased separately and also come bundled with the system cases we have tested earlier. Besides that we will also measure how much power a contemporary computer actually needs…

Antec System Cases Roundup: Six Models for Each and Everyone
[06/19/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to talk about six completely different system cases from Antec: starting with the miniature NSK1380 and finishing with a full-size P182. You should be able to find one that will suit your needs. read our roundup for details.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part IX
[03/28/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This part of our roundup will be devoted to power supply units with capacity ranging from 450W to 850W. We will check out 7 models from AcBel, Gigabyte, Zalman and Corsair. All the details on their performance and functionality in our extensive article!

Anubis – First ATX System Case from Hiper
[02/11/08 | by Kirill ]

Today we are going to talk about Hiper’s debut in the ATX system case market. The Anubis is undoubtedly stylish, original and efficient in terms of cooling. It is an ideal playground for a technical modder, but still there are a few things that need to be improved. Read more in our review!

Ten Kilowatts of Power: 1000W+ PSU Roundup
[01/18/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

The manufacturers are getting ever higher with their PSUs, reaching the 1500W milestone already. Today we are going to introduce to you 10 units with the capacity of 1000W or well beyond that. We will discuss the solutions from Antec, Enermax, Floston Energetix, FSP Group, Silverstone, Tagan, Thermaltake and Ultra.

X-bit Labs Presents: Power Supply Unit Testing Methodology In-Depth
[01/03/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This article provides a detailed description of our methodology for testing power supplies in three major parts. The first one lists PSU parameters we check out and specifies the test conditions. In the second section you’ll find terms often voiced by PSU manufacturers for marketing purposes and their definitions. The third part will be most interesting for people who’d like to know how our PSU testbed is designed and operates.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part VIII
[12/11/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This roundup covers power supply units for midrange and entry-level computers. Such models start from a modest wattage of 300W and a price of $20. We have also included a few powerful PSUs available at affordable prices. All in all we will talk about 17 models from HEC (Ascot), FSP, In Win, Tsunami, Hiper and PC Power & Cooling.

Topower Power Supply Units Roundup
[11/07/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Topower is a popular manufacturer. Besides making a wide range of PSUs for such brands as Tagan, BeQuiet, Mushkin and OCZ, the company is promoting its own brand, offering boxed PSUs of varying wattage and functionality. Today we are going to review 9 solutions from Topower ranging from 500W to 800W.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part VII
[09/04/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

It’s been a while since we tested power supply units, but today we are going to make up for that by offering you a detailed review of 15 power supply units with the wattage below 1000W. You will find the solutions from Antec, Cooler Master, Etasis, Floston Energetix, FSP, Rosewill, Seasonic, Thermaltake, Ultra and Zalman in our new monster roundup.

NMEDIAPC HTPC 288 SA: Affordable Case for an HTPC System
[08/22/07 | by Vasily Melnik]

Today we are going to review a system case from NMEDIAPC that can be used to build an all-purpose HTPC system for a wide range of applications. It proved to be a great choice for those who need a universal HTPC system free from compatibility issues. Read more in our review!