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Tagan TG1300-U6 and Tagan ITZ1300 (1300W)

You may have been wondering so far where are those over-1000W units I promised you at the beginning of the article. 1010W and 1050W are no different from 1000W, really. Well, here they are – two 1300W power supplies from Tagan! The ITZ series PSU was provided to us by ABS Computer Technologies Inc.

Although the two models go under different names, I’ll be discussing them both together as I could find no fundamental difference in their parameters and internal design. As is usual for PSUs selling under the Tagan brand, these two are manufactured by Topower.

All difference between the PSUs seems to boil down to the exterior design: the ordinary TG1300-U6 has a plain matte black case whereas the ITZ is blue and covered all over with Certified by ABS Gaming Lab stickers.

The PSUs feature a dual-transformer design. As you can see, the transformers are very large even for half the total wattage each, which must be the reason for choosing that design solution. One 1300W transformer just wouldn’t fit into the same housing.

The PSUs have queerly shaped heatsinks – they are round and hollow inside. This doesn’t tell anything about cooling efficiency, though. I could name you a number of very quiet PSUs whose heatsinks are just simple molded bars.

The ITZ series model is identical inside except that it has a differently shaped heatsink on the diode bridge. Both PSUs feature active PFC and dedicated voltage regulation.

Providing a total output power of 1300W, the PSUs can yield up to 1104W (92A) via the +12V power rail divided into six virtual output lines. The load capacity of the standby source is 6A like that of the PSUs from Enermax and Floston.

The PSUs have the following cables and connectors:

  • Mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (48cm)
  • CPU cable with an 8-pin connector (53cm)
  • CPU cable with a 4-pin connector (55cm)
  • Two screened cables for graphics cards with 6+2-pin connectors (54cm)

  • Two screened cables for graphics cards with 6-pin connectors (55cm)
  • One non-screened cable for graphics cards with two 6-pin connectors (53+14cm)
  • Two cables with three Molex connectors on each (48+14+14cm)
  • One cable with one Molex connector (48cm)
  • Three cables with four SATA power connectors on each (49+15+15+15cm)
  • Ground clamp to be connected to the system case

Interestingly, if you want to connect more PATA drives than there are appropriate connectors, you can use four adapters from SATA connectors included with the PSU:

I think it is a very right solution. PSUs must support the most popular PC configurations (i.e. SATA drives) while backward compatibility should be maintained by means of adapters.

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