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When I set out to test the PSU, I found that it was only the 12V4 line that had a max current of 36A. The rest of the +12V lines, including the 12V3 one, had a limitation of 20A. There are seats for two shunts near the 12V3 output on the PCB but only one of them, for a current of 20A, is installed. I don’t view this as a drawback of the PSU, though.

The PSU coped with full load successfully.

The high-frequency pulsation at the PSU’s output was within acceptable limits at full load although nearly reached them on the +3.3V rail.

Besides, there is low-frequency ripple (at a double frequency of the mains, i.e. 100Hz) on two power rails. Although this ripple is within the permissible limits I still regard the very existence of it as a certain drawback.

The cross-load diagram looks good. The voltages remain within the allowable 5% deflection at any load distribution including a great load misbalance towards the 5V or 12V rail. The +12V voltage is higher than necessary at low loads but becomes normal as the load increases.

The PSU is cooled with a 135mm fan from Young Lin Tech (the DFB132512H model).

The fan speed is constant at low loads but grows up linearly starting from a load of 200W and reaches the ceiling at a load of about 800W. The PSU does not overheat even at full load but its speed regulation might be more effective: the fan could have a lower speed in the load range of 400-500W. With this regulation, the PSU is average in terms of noisiness.

The efficiency reaches 85% at one point of the graph only. Anyway, the PSU is quite efficient by today’s standards, over 80% through most of the load range. The power factor is generally over 0.95 as is typical of PSUs with active power factor correction.

Thus, the Floston Energetix ENFP-1050W is a good product overall. It is free from serious defects, delivers stable voltages, copes easily with full load, and produces a reasonable amount of noise (for a 1000W unit). The ENFP-1050W also has a lower retail price than many other models with detachable cables and such original packaging.

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