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When I began this test session I did not expect to find any really bad samples of PSUs. There are generally no quality-related problems with 1000W and higher products as yet. Indeed, all of the 14 models I have discussed comply with their specs and show stable and reliable operation. However, there are products that can be specifically singled out as leaders.

First of all, it is the Enermax Revolution 85+ ERV1050EWT. Enermax has promised a power supply with best possible specs and seems to have delivered it. This is a quiet, high-wattage, stable PSU with a generous selection of connectors and excellent efficiency. Enermax is the best product in this review.

The Revolution series used to be the only one to boast 90% and higher efficiency. Now it has got an opponent in this respect. The OCZ Z series Z1000M is a high-quality, compact and rather quiet PSU that has an efficiency of 91.7%. It offers a good selection of cables, too, providing 12 connectors for SATA drives and three pairs of connectors for graphics cards.

The Zalman ZM1000-HP should be praised for quietness as its fan is hardly faster than 700rpm even at high loads! Unfortunately, this PSU is overall inferior to the Enermax. Being equally quiet, the Enermax offers more cables and connectors, has no potential problem with the hissing filters, and has better compatibility with UPSes.

The SilverStone Strider SST-ST1500 must be noted as the PSU with the highest wattage rating of 1500W. The lower-wattage models from SilverStone are not much different from their numerous opponents whereas the SST-ST1500 is by far superior to all other 1500W PSUs I have seen. It is based on a new platform from Enhance and features excellent stability and high efficiency. It does not have any specific requirements to load distribution and is also quiet. If you need so much power, take a look at the SilverStone Strider!

Users of system cases with a bottom position of the PSU may want to consider PSUs with long cables such as the Akasa PowerMax AK-P100FG and SilverStone Strider SST-ST1200 and SST-ST1500. Their CPU cable is over 70 centimeters long, so you can lay the cable neatly in any system case.

And finally, aesthetes may like the beautiful highlighting of the detachable cable connectors of the Kingwin Mach I ABT-1000MA1S and the Tagan BZ Series TG1100-U88. The former is also nicely quiet at work.

Summing up the results of our today’s test session we are proud to award Enermax Revolution 85+ ERV1050EWT (1050 W) power supply unit with our prestigious Editor’s Choice title as the best 1000 W+ power supply unit:

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