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It might have been expected that noise would prove the greatest problem with high-wattage power supplies, especially under high load. Neither of the PSUs with an 80mm fan can be considered suitable for a home computer. They are all too loud and the noise from their fans will be audible even through the noise of graphics card and CPU coolers.

This singles out two models, the Cooler Master Real Power Pro RS-A00-EMBA and the Topower PowerTrain TOP-1000P9 U14, as the solutions with much quieter 135mm fans.

The all-around winner of today’s tests is the PSU from Cooler Master that boasts superb parameters together with very quiet operation. Being a good product overall, the Topower model is not as good as the Real Power Pro in its noise characteristics as well as in electrical parameters. Particularly, the TOP-1000P9 does not meet the requirements of the output voltage ripple standard .

If you are choosing a power supply for your server or workstation and do not worry that much about the noise, you should also consider the models with an 80mm fan from OCZ, PC Power & Cooling and SilverStone. Each of these three products is good and the OCZ unit is also the only tested 1000W unit to fit within the standard ATX form-factor dimensions of 150x86x140mm. Its high noise level is the tradeoff for the compactness, though.

The Tagan TurboJet TG1100-U96 disappointed us this time. And it is not only its not quite satisfactory parameters (it doesn’t meet the output voltage ripple requirements) but also the manufacturer’s attempt to intentionally mislead the user. The PSU has two fans that differ greatly in the level of consumed power and generated noise, but the PSU label shows the speed/noise diagram of the less powerful fan of the two without even mentioning the other one.

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