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OCZ ProXStream OCZ1000PXS (1000W)

The OCZ ProXStream 1000W has unusual dimensions for its class. It is a perfectly standard power supply of the ATX form-factor at 150x86x140mm (for comparison, the dimensions of above-described PSU from Cooler Master are 150x86x180mm and the PSU from PC Power & Cooling I will talk about below is 150x86x230mm). On one hand, it is good the PSU has a small length, but on the other hand, there are hardly many people who have a PC with a peak power draw of over 300-400W and a cramped system case the increased-length PSU wouldn’t fit into.

The smaller dimensions mean higher component density.

The PSU’s electronics is assembled on two PCBs placed one above the other. I have met this design in power supplies from FSP Group before (this company is the actual manufacturer of the OCZ1000PXS). Those were entry-level server-oriented models like FSP460-60PFN.

The top PCB heatsinks press against the PSU cover via an additional plate which you can see in the first photograph. This can hardly have a big effect on cooling efficiency because the cover is made from steel and lacks any ribbing. However, if you buy an OCZ1000PXS for you PC, don’t worry about its case getting very hot at work. This is normal.

An active PFC device and the main regulator’s switching transistors are located on the bottom PCB. The top PCB carries a power transformer, input rectifiers with accompanying chokes and capacitors, and a small card with overcurrent protection circuits.

The PSU is based on the ML4800CP chip which combines PFC and main regulator controllers. The quality of assembly and soldering is excellent. This PSU can be considered exemplary in this respect.

The OCZ1000PXS offers the following cables and connectors:

  • Mainboard power cable with a 20+4-pin connector, 48cm long
  • CPU power cable with a 4-pin connector, 50cm
  • CPU power cable with an 8-pin connector, 50cm
  • Four graphics card cables with 6-pin connectors, 52cm each
  • Two cables with three Molex connectors and one floppy mini-plug on each, 50+14+14+14cm
  • Two cables with three SATA power connectors on each, 50+14+14cm

Unlike the above-described power supply from Cooler Master and unlike many other PSUs with similar wattage, the OCZ model doesn’t have 8-pin power connectors for graphics cards.

The PSU has four “virtual” +12V output lines with a total current of 70A (840W). Take note of the warning: if the input voltage is lower than 100V, the load power should not be higher than 900W. That’s new high-wattage PSUs for you: we’ve got to make sure our wall outlets can sustain 15A (see the previous section) or do not load the PSU much if the mains voltage is below the norm…

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