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Although the ATX12V and EPS12V standards allow a 5% deflection of the output voltages from the nominal values, the PSU manufacturer promises a deflection of no more than 2% for the three main voltages: +5V, +12V, and +3.3V. The PSU actually violates these limits, but only at extreme loads. The +12V voltage is more than 2% above the nominal value when there is a high load on the +5V rail and a low load on the +12V rail. The +3.3V voltage is about 3% below its nominal at the max allowable load on that rail. The voltages are overall very stable. At load distributions typical of modern computes – this is the bottom third of the diagram – the three voltages are all green.

There’s low voltage ripple on the PSU output, with single high-frequency spikes shooting up and down randomly.

The PSU employs a Delta Electronics EFB0812EH power supply with a rated speed of 5000rpm. Unlike the above-described model from OCZ, it is a three-blade model with lower noise but also lower static pressure. This means that at the same speed and aerodynamic resistance the EFB0812EH is pumping a smaller amount of air than the MGT8012UB-R25. It is clear, though, even externally that the aerodynamic resistance of the components of the Turbo-Cool PSU is lower than in the OCZ ProXStream.

The fan speed proved to be lower, too, varying from 2400 to 4670rpm depending on load. Alas, this PSU is not quiet, either, although it is more agreeable to the ear than the OCZ model.

The Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR does not meet the 80 Plus requirements since its efficiency is below 80% at a load of 200W (20% from the maximum). The average efficiency is 83% just as promised by the manufacturer.

The PSU is no record-breaker in terms of efficiency under low loads, its efficiency degenerating to 50% at 50W. Well, these numbers are rather theoretical ones. If your PC can load a 1000W power supply, its power consumption is going to be higher not only than 50W but even than 150W even in idle mode!

Thus, the PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR is a superbly made product with very good electrical parameters, but noisy and very large. Although it is considerably quieter than the OCZ model, this PSU may still prove too noisy for home use. It is an appealing option as a PSU for a powerful workstation or server with an appropriate system case, though.

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