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SilverStone Olympia OP1000 (1000W)

We have already tested high-wattage PSUs from SilverStone in our labs. That was the Zeus series limited to 750W. And now we’ve got a 1KW unit from the Olympia series. Like with OCZ’ product range, this is not the single model with that wattage available from SilverStone. The company offers a 1000W Strider ST1000 with a 135mm fan and detachable cables.

Talking about the market positioning of such PSUs, the models with an 80mm fan are intended for servers and powerful workstations in the first place due to their high noise level (the manufacturers can’t also miss the opportunity to mention that these power supplies suit for gaming systems as well). The quieter models with 135mm fans are for home computers. We haven’t yet got an ST1000 for us to test, so we can’t tell you how it compares with the very quiet PSU from Cooler Master.

With a design similar to the model from PC Power & Cooling, the PSU from SilverStone is shorter by 1 centimeter: 150x86x220mm.

The PSU has a non-standard input connector:

The connector is a logical consequence of the increase in current consumption to 15-16A, but it is going to be a problem for owners of UPSes whose cables wouldn’t plug into this power supply.

The PSU has an ordinary internal design. Its component layout resembles Zippy’s models I tested in an earlier article.

The power components are distributed among the four separate heatsinks. An additional plate, covered with black insulating film from above, is fastened on the rear pair of heatsinks.

There is a fan speed controller at one side. The corresponding thermal resistor is fastened nearby on the heatsink. Below on the same heatsink are two SBL4060PT diode packs of the input rectifier.

The PSU’s continuous output power is 1000 watts. The manufacturer’s website also mentions a peak output power of 1100W as well. The PSU can work under full load at an input voltage of 90V and an ambient temperature of 50°C. The +12V rail is not split up into multiple outputs here. The PSU allows to put a long-term load of 80A (960W) on this rail, and even up to 88A for a short period of time.

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