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Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a perfect 1200W power supply in this review. Each of the four tested products has certain downsides.

Each of them fails to some extent in keeping one of the auxiliary voltages (+3.3 or +5 volts) stable when the +12V rail is under high load. The voltages remain within the standard-defined limits but deflect up to 4% from their nominal value, which is rather too much for PSUs of that class and pricing.

As for the noise factor, the Enhance EPS-1812GA4 is just splendid both at low and high loads in this respect. It is also quite as good as its Gold-certified competitors in its electrical parameters except for the high level of output voltage ripple. However, this model is let down by its fixed rather than modular cables which are also too short, especially the mainboard one.

The Corsair AX1200 is handy with its modular design. It is not very loud at high loads and has the lowest level of output voltage ripple. The downside is that its fan is audible even when the computer is idle (that’s not uncomfortable, but modern PSUs are not supposed to produce any sounds when idle). Besides, it turned out to be incompatible with line-interactive UPSes.

The Antec High Current Pro HCP-1200 delivers the most stable voltages of the four tested PSUs. It is also UPS-compatible and quiet at medium loads. However, it is somewhat less efficient than specified according to my tests and is also awfully loud at near-maximum loads.

The Bronze-certified Cougar CMX 1200 is quite competitive, too. With somewhat worse electrical parameters (such as efficiency and the load capacity of the +12V rail) and not as flexible modular design as the Corsair and Antec products have, it is very quiet at low to medium loads and doesn’t get too loud at high ones. Although the CMX 1200 is technically inferior to its competitors in this review, it seems to be a leader in terms of price/performance ratio. It lacks serious downsides while its price is much more affordable.

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