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First I want to say a few general words about AeroCool’s products I have had a chance to check out. All the system cases are rather interesting and competitive in such a complex and densely populated market sector as the medium price range. Yes, these system cases are not perfect. Their interior is often too simple, but they have an eye-pleasing exterior and, mostly, good cooling. A nice addition to many of them is the integrated multi-channel controller of fan speeds complemented with thermocouples. Perhaps, these system cases are meant for people who, once the computer is assembled, prefer not to get into it too often, but do want the computer to boast unique looks.

I cannot pass by one of the key features of most of AeroCool’s system cases: the huge 250mm and 400mm fans installed in the side panels. Frankly, the 250mm model leaves a better impression. It is quieter and fits into the overall exterior of the case better. The 400mm fan is somewhat better at cooling (but not as much better as you might expect from such a huge fan) and has a very impressive look. You should not hide a system case with such a fan out of sight. It must stand in open view and surprise your guests.

And now I will make a brief summary on each model.

The AeroCool M40 is perhaps the most vivid impression. A compact system case with an excellent exterior and thought-through design, it is competitive to any opponent in its class. It is very short of being ideal. The only serious drawback is the position of the HDD cage. However, you can easily solve this problem by buying and installing an 80mm fan, and you will get a compact, quiet and advanced system as the result. So, I do recommend you the M40 if you are looking for a small system enclosure.

The AeroCool Hi-Tech 7 Pro is impressive with its 400mm fan. It features a highly effective cooling system, but it is rather noisy and cannot accommodate a large number of HDDs. Besides, it is the least remarkable of AeroCool products I have tested in terms of exterior design.

The AeroCool ExtremEngine, on the contrary, gets points just for its exterior. People who like everything related to aviation are going to be thrilled with it. It will surely be appreciated by modders as a good starting point for further work. ExtremEngine copes with cooling well but, unfortunately, its interior is too simple while the decorative turbine produces too much noise.

The AeroRacer and T-Gun are not far inferior to the ExtremEngine in their looks. The former features a nice, mild and memorable mix of colors while the latter has a beautiful highlighting that fits organically into the front panel. There is nothing unusual about their chassis but these cases can attract a lot of buyers with their appearance only. Take note that they come with either a 250mm or a 400mm fan (the latter version is referred to as “Pro”) and I guess that the former version is better in terms of exterior as well as noisiness. Besides, the T-Gun is based on the high-quality and popular chassis manufactured by HEC/Compucase.

The AeroCool V-Touch A follows a different style. Designed with more restraint than the above-mentioned models, it is no less remarkable. Instead of buttons it offers a touch-sensitive panel combined with a colorful LCD screen. Unfortunately, its chassis is too simple and its cooling system does not cope. You should add at least one more 120mm fan for normal ventilation.

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