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AeroCool AeroRacer, AeroRacer Pro and T-Gun Pro

Finally, I want to give you a brief description of three more products from AeroCool. They are not as interesting inside as to be discussed and tested at length, yet they feature quite an appealing exterior.


I wouldn’t vouch that the exterior design of the AeroCool AeroRacer case provokes strong associations with racing sports, yet it is undoubtedly beautiful. The matte cherry-colored front panel combined with the black glossy door looks nice and original after all those hackneyed gray and black colorings. The shapes and lines of the case are elegant and not at all spoiled by the 250mm fan in the side panel. I guess the designers have managed to find the compromise between the gaudy and the boring, and created a system case that attracts the eye despite being seemingly simple and plain.

There is one element I don’t like, though. The highlighting of the huge Power button is blue. Frankly, this popular color looks totally inappropriate on this front panel and does not match the charm of the black-and-cherry gamut.

The interior cannot provoke a strong emotion, so trivial it is. Its features can all be enumerated in a single sentence: screwless fastening of hard and optical drives, two seats for 120mm fans, and screwless fastening of expansion cards.


The AeroCool AeroRacer Pro is somewhat more interesting in terms of cooling, but far less attractive. The color is all right: both products come in all-black and black-and-cherry versions (I like the latter version more, though). It is the angular protrusion on the side panel that looks ugly to me. It accommodates a 400mm fan and spoils the charm of the otherwise attractive front panel.

Inside, the Pro version is no different from the ordinary one.

And finally, there is the AeroCool T-Gun Pro model. Although I cannot catch the promised Top Gun styling (unless the figured cutouts in the center of the front panel should count like it), the exterior design is eye-catching. The glossy rounded-off front panel with a bright edging along the sides looks beautiful. This system case should not be touched, however, because each touch leaves a greasy fingerprint. But even with this inconvenience, the T-Gun Pro looks good, especially when turned on, and the 400mm fan protrusion does not spoil it (by the way, there is a version of the T-Gun without the suffix Pro; it has a neat 250mm fan in the side panel).

This system case has a display that shows information from two thermocouples and the current speed of the fans. Fan speed control is only automatic with the T-Gun Pro.


When I saw the cover in the middle of the top panel that conceals two USB ports, two audio connectors and an eSATA port, I got a feeling that I had already seen this…

The interior design confirmed my suspicions. I do know this chassis. It is used in Ascot’s popular 6A series products (manufactured by HEC/Compucase) and I saw the same top-panel connectors (including a FireWire port which is covered with plastic in the T-Gun Pro) during the tests of the HEC 6XR8-PE. Thus, AeroCool only created the front panel and installed its own fastening mechanisms and exclusive 400mm fan.

The exterior design is top class and the HEC/Ascot chassis is popular due to high quality, so the resulting product is very good. After all, it does not really matter from whence a system case comes from if it is high quality.

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