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NZXT is a Los Angeles maker of computer cases.


The Beta EVO can hardly impress anybody’s eye. It is a rather standard black metallic box. The front-panel vent is styled like a radiator but the simple matte-black plastic can hardly attract anyone who’s looking for a cute computer case.

The top and side panels offer as many as four seats for 120mm fans, which is unusually many for a midi tower. You can even install 140mm fans on the front panel.

In the front part of the top panel there are I/O connectors: two USB ports, two audio connectors, and one e-SATA port. Unfortunately, there is no cap covering the connectors from above.

The triangular Reset and Power buttons are neatly fitted into the top of the front-panel grid.

The back panel shows one more seat for a 120mm fan and a bottom PSU compartment. The mounting holes suggest that the PSU’s fan can be directed either upwards or downwards. Two holes for the pipes of a liquid cooling system are in the vent grid next to the expansion-slot brackets.

The system case stands on small truncated cones of rubber glued to the bottom panel. Funnily enough, these feet are attached to spots which are obviously meant for larger feet.

The chassis of the NZXT Beta EVO has a standard component layout, being only different from other products of its class with the bottom position of the PSU compartment and the large number of fan seats. However, this inexpensive model offers the means to hide the cables, which is a feature typical of more expensive products.

The chassis is unfortunately not thick enough. Its metallic details are all 0.5-millimeter steel and the empty system case sounds like a large tin can, responding resonantly at each tap with a finger. Running a little ahead, I should acknowledge that it gets more rigid when assembled but still lacks stiffness ribs on its flat surfaces or, better yet, 0.7-millimeter steel. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if your hard disk drives begin to buzz loudly inside this system case. The HDDs are all right, it’s just the system case working as a resonator.

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