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The space for hiding cables is not large but sufficient, considering the extra nook behind the HDD rack.

A PSU is put down on four small rubber poles that suppress vibrations and is fastened to the back panel only. The opportunity to install it with the fan facing downward doesn’t look appealing. The filter in the bottom panel will protect against dust, but where will the air come from if the case stands on such low feet?

The back panel of the empty case is all ventilation. The expansion-slot brackets are made from a fine metallic mesh. The brackets are reusable and fastened with ordinary screws.

One more seat for a 120mm fan (a sixth one in this system case!) is in front of the HDD rack. It is the only one that comes with a preinstalled fan, by the way. The latter is equipped with a 3-pin connector for a mainboard’s header and has a max speed of 1400 RPM.

The 5.25-inch brackets are meshed as well and have some porous material inside that serves as a dust filter.

Devices are installed into external bays using screwless plastic locks we are already familiar with.

Each HDD is installed using two guides.


The extra space to hide cables in helps this system case looks neater than its opponents, especially if you position your HDDs with their connectors facing the right panel. As with every system case with a bottom PSU position, you must check out the length of cables, especially of the 12V CPU cable, because they have to stretch for quite a long distance.

Every graphics card measuring up to 270 millimeters will fit in here. But if it has power connectors at its butt end, you may need a mainboard with a PCI Express slot which is high enough for the graphics card’s power cable not to press against the HDD rack but instead go into the external 3.5-inch bay. By the way, that bay is not actually external here because it is covered with the “radiator” on the front panel.

You may wonder if the dedicated space for cables does not limit your choice of CPU coolers. Don’t worry: you can use coolers up to 170 millimeters tall.

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