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Scythe Fenris Wolf

Scythe is a well-known maker of cooling solutions. And now it is making inroads into the system case market.


The Fenris Wolf is not exactly original but will surely attract users who don’t like fanciful exterior designs. It is a smooth aluminum box with a large vent grid in its front panel which resembles a knight’s shield, especially with the company’s logo above it. The silvery letter “b” on the side panel is a credit to a German modder Benjamin “benny” Franz who has taken part in developing this product.

The front panel is in fact a single large door that covers the mesh faceplates of the 5.25-inch bays and a vent in the bottom part behind which you can get a glimpse of a 120mm fan. There are both buttons and two LEDs here, too, although the purpose of the LEDs is unclear since the door is going to be closed most of the time.

The door closes with a rather loud bang and is held by two magnets. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to hang the door so that it opened to another side.

The extra connectors can all be found on the top panel below a neat cover: two audio connectors, two USB ports, and one eSATA.

There is nothing particularly interesting at the back but you can see that the 120mm fan has a wire rather than punched-out grid, and there are two rubberized openings for a liquid cooling system at the bottom of the back panel.

The feet are massive and have vibration-absorbing soles.

Removing the side panel, you can notice small strips glued along it. Their purpose is to avoid the rattling of the side panels, which is a common problem with aluminum computer cases.

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