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Talking about Antec’s system cases in general, they are all a pleasure to deal with. The developer does not forget about the need to reduce vibrations and noise while the quality of manufacture is very high.

The P182 is the most questionable model, I guess. It features an excellent design, superb sound insulation, and a number of nice trifles. But on the other hand, its front door is flimsy and there is a lack of one fan on the front panel. These drawbacks seem to be small but they affect the impression from such an expensive product.

The Nine Hundred is meant for hot configurations. It won’t provide you silence or special conveniences but its 200mm fan is a weighty argument when it comes to pure cooling.

The Three Hundred is yet another system case for those who need very good cooling but it is simpler than the Nine Hundred. If you need good cooling rather than HDD cages and modular design, this system case is going to be appealing to you with its price, quality and cooling efficiency. But don’t forget to add a fan to the front panel!

The Sonata 550 Plus is just a good workhorse. It allows you to assemble a quiet and easy-to-use PC. Some people may find it a bit too expensive, but I guess it is worth the price.

The NSK3480 is a good compact case for undemanding users. The case can accommodate an advanced configuration but you won’t want to get inside it often. If you install two HDDs into it, you should install an additional fan as well. And check out the length of the PSU cable with the 24-pin mainboard connector!

The tiny NSK1380 is not much different from the NSK3480 but you have to choose your CPU and cooler properly. There are few system cases of such a small size that can offer you the capabilities of this one.

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