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Corsair Graphite 600T

The second product to be discussed in this review comes from the renowned Corsair. We already know the huge Obsidian and now it’s time to take a look at the new Graphite series.


The Corsair 600T is different from the DF-85 as well as from many other system cases because it is long, not very tall and very broad. It’s kind of podgy. To be exact, the 600T is about 5 centimeters wider than ordinary models with their width of 210 millimeters. This is its main distinguishing feature, actually, because otherwise there is nothing extraordinary about its exterior design. It is a nice-looking box with rounded-off edges and a meshed front panel.

The side panels are blank and have no windows or vents. They are fastened with two handles rather than with screws.

The top panel is covered with a mesh, too. In its front part we can see all the controls and I/O connectors.

The connectors are placed around the large knob of a fan speed controller. To the left of it, and close to each other, there are as many as four USB 2.0 ports. One USB 3.0 and one FireWire are on the right. Two audio connectors are above. We guess an eSATA connector below the controller knob would make this an ideal picture.

The Power and Reset buttons are not so easy to find. They are placed near the mesh and have the color of the surrounding surface. The buttons have a short travel distance, which may be a problem. There is a high chance of an accidental press if something falls down on the system case.

You can take the mesh off by pressing down on its rear part. Below you can see a large compartment with yet another mesh and a lock of the left side panel. The second mesh allows to install two 120mm fans. It looks like an invitation to put the radiator of a liquid cooling system here, but it can hardly fit below the exterior mesh. The system case won’t look so good without the latter. There is a 200mm fan installed here by default.


There is another such fan behind the removable mesh on the front panel. It is sunken into the chassis for some reason. As opposed to the top mesh, this one is fine and helps protect the fan against dust.

The back panel is ordinary enough. The Graphite 600T has a bottom PSU bay (the PSU can be oriented in either of two ways, as has become typical of top-end system cases). There are two rubberized openings for the pipes of a liquid cooling system next to the expansion slots. In the top part of the panel we can see a 120mm fan.

The bottom panel impresses with its unusually designed supports. The feet of this system cases stretch along its edges and seamlessly transition into the plastic panels of its exterior. The feet are large. Their vibration-absorbing pads are about twice as large as those of competitor products.

In between the rear feet there is a vent opening for a power supply with a horizontally positioned fan. The vent has a dust filter which can be easily removed by pulling it backwards. You won’t have to turn the whole system case upside down for that.

Despite its rather thin steel, only 0.6 millimeters, we have no doubts about the rigidity of this chassis. The quality is expectedly high. Every edge is properly finished. The openings leading to the hidden compartment for cables have rubber covers.

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