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The expansion-slot brackets are reusable and fastened with thumbscrews as is typical of top-end system cases. The eighth bracket differs from the others: it has a cutout for the USB cable to connect the front-panel USB 3.0 port to the mainboard’s back-panel connector.

5.25-inch devices are fastened with a screw-less mechanism. The device is pressed against the bay on one side, and a plastic lock with a couple of prongs is used to fix it in place on the other side.

HDDs glide into their basket along flexible plastic guides. You put a guide on your HDD, aligning its prongs with the screw holes in the sides of the drive. The guide holds within the basket due to the force of friction and small protrusions. This may be not enough if you are going to carry the assembled system case somewhere in your car.

There are two HDD baskets here, and you can place them one above the other or next to each other using the guide in the bottom panel. This solution ensures that you can install any, even very long, expansion cards into this system case, even though there is as many as 35 centimeters from the back panel to the HDD bays anyway.

We guess a third HDD basket would be a demanded option for users who need a lot of disk space.

You can see the mentioned guide for the second HDD basket in the photo. Next to it, there is a mechanism fastened with two screws to the bottom panel of the case. This is a support for a power supply. You can move it along the chassis, choosing the necessary group of mounting holes. This mechanism supports PSUs with a length of 140 to 200 millimeters.

The bumps on that plate may get in the way if you’ve got a nonstandard power supply, but you can always take it off altogether.

The hidden compartment for cables is as wide as 4 centimeters in the Graphite T600. You might even hide a second computer based on some Atom processor in there! As an example: the bunch of cables shown in the photo did not prevent us from closing the side panel at all.

The increased width affects the main interior of the system case, too. The Graphite T600 will easily accommodate a CPU cooler that will press against the side panel in other system cases. The cooler can be not 170 as usual but 200 millimeters tall!

This red warning leaflet included with the system case shouldn’t scare you. It just wants you to go directly to an authorized service center rather than to the shop you bought the system case in if you’ve got any problems with it.


It was easy to assemble our configuration in this roomy system case.

The highlighting of the fans is too dull.

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