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We’ve said in the Introduction that system cases are conservative products and do not change frequently, but the products we have reviewed today do show some changes in design.

Those in the Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 are somewhat questionable. This is not a bad system case. It features an original exterior and allows to build anything from a top-end gaming station to a large-capacity file-server. Still, we had expected something better from it. Its inexpensive hot-swap feature is implemented poorly and the top 2.5-inch bay is not practical. Its cooling system is rather too noisy. So, the DF-85 might be an excellent system case, but it is only just good. Perhaps its low price is going to make up for the minor imperfections, especially as it is free from really serious defects.

The Corsair Graphite 600T leaves a highly positive impression. It is a pleasure to assemble a computer in such a roomy system case. It doesn’t offer anything new functionally, except for its increased width, but represents a good and time-tested design. You only have to take two things into account. The Graphite 600T is really wide and may not fit into some computer desks. And secondly, the cooling system of the 600T includes 200mm fans. Replacing such fans may be a problem.

Now, what about USB 3.0? This interface is too new and its implementation in system cases is rather awkward as yet. It is going to become far more popular in a couple of years and we will get rid of those cables going from the front to the back panel. But today, you have to put up with such provisional solutions if you really need USB 3.0 in your system case.

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