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Enermax Revolution 85+ ERV850EWT

A representative of Enermax told about this PSU that they tried to put as many innovations into it as its housing allowed. This explains the name Revolution. The PSU is certified to comply with the 80 Plus Silver standard (an efficiency of 85% or higher at loads from 20% through 100%). Moreover, it may be over 90% efficient in a 220V power grid. The PSU can work under any load, including zero load, in order to avoid problems with systems that have advanced power-saving technologies for idle mode. Besides, Enermax talks about specific technologies employed in the PSU. I will discuss the most interesting of them below.

Judging by this brief introduction, the Revolution 85+ is a worthy opponent to the above-discussed Antec Signature.

Packaging and Accessories

The PSU comes in a large cardboard box on which the series name, wattage rating and key features are indicated.

Besides the PSU, the box contains an installation manual, a set of detachable cables and a pouch for storing them, a power cord and four screws.

Exterior Design

Enermax’s designers have done a good job here. The PSU is painted a coarse (not just matte) gray paint and there is a separate red plate under the fan. This combination of colors and the very fact that the PSU is not just painted different colors but assembled out of differently colored parts leaves a nice impression. I mean the first impression you get, not the quality of metal, assembly, etc (which are high class, too).

There is a record number of connectors for detachable cables on the back panel – as many as ten! Six of them are for peripherals and four for additional power cables of graphics cards and CPUs. By the way, the latter have a large reserve of pins, so you can not only use one cable to power two end connectors but can enjoy the support for future graphics cards with new types of power plugs and high load currents. Of course, when such graphics cards do come out, you will have to purchase appropriate cables separately.

The connectors are similar to Molex Mini-Fit Jr. in form-factor but have side locks for fixing the cable (a standard Mini-Fit Jr. has a lock at the middle of the longer side, as you can make sure by looking at a mainboard power connector, for example). This ensures secure, but not quite handy fastening because it is hard to unfasten the locks between the rows of connectors when the cables are all plugged in.

The PSU case is 190 millimeters long.

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