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InWin IP-S200DF1-0 Power Supply

The InWin IW-BP659 computer case comes together with InWin’s IP-S200DF1-0 power supply.

The PSU is similar to the Foxconn FX-250T except that it has no expanding part for the fan. The fan is consequently a low-profile thing of the 80x80x15mm form-factor.

The dimensions and fastening are the same as those of the Foxconn (and correspond to the TFX form-factor), making these two PSUs interchangeable.

The specifications are identical to those of the Foxconn except for the total output power but we’ve found the FX-250T to have an overstated rating (it can only deliver the same 200 watts in practice).

The InWin IP-S200DF1-0 PSU is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • One mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (26 cm)
  • One CPU cable with a 4-pin connector (28 cm)
  • One cable with one SATA, one PATA and two more SATA power connectors (13+10+15+15 cm)

The selection of connectors and the length of cables are ideally suited to the expansion options provided by the computer case.

Like the rest of the PSUs in this review, the InWin IP-S200DF1-0 delivers stable voltages which remain within 3% of the required levels in the typical load range. It is only at highly misbalanced and unrealistic loads that they may go out of the 5% range.

When connected to our APC SmartUPS SC 620, this PSU could switch to the UPS’s batteries at full load.

The high-frequency output voltage ripple is not strong and meets the requirements of the industry standard.

The same goes for the voltage ripple at the double frequency of the mains.

The PSU is noisier at 50 watts than the 160-watt InWin IP-AD160-2 at full load. The speed of the fan increases slowly, so the exhaust system fan is noisier at any load (the system fan rotates at a similar speed but has a thicker impeller).

Despite the large temperature delta shown in the diagram, the PSU wasn’t hot at work, as opposed to the InWin IP-AD160-2.

The PSU is over 80% efficient at loads above 70 watts. The efficiency is not high at low loads typical of compact computers, though.

Besides the form-factor and specifications, this PSU shares one more feature with the Foxconn FX-250T. It lacks active power factor correction.

The standby source copes with its job without problems.

Thus, the InWin IP-S200DF1-0 PSU has good electrical parameters but its fan is audible even at low loads.

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