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Antec ISK 310-150

The Antec ISK 310-150 is the most compact computer case in this review. It is smaller in height and slimmer than the others.

As you can see, its back panel is but hardly larger than the cutout for the mainboard’s I/O panel.

Notwithstanding this compactness, the Antec is comparable to the other models in weight due to its thickest (0.8 mm) metallic panels.

Included into the box is a stand with soft vibration-absorbing pads which lets you install this computer case upright.

The vertical orientation looks just as good as the horizontal one since there’re no icons or captions on the front panel that would imply certain positioning.

The unavoidable downside is that it’s not convenient to insert discs into the optical drive. However, this is not a big problem with this particular computer case because the Antec ISK 310-150 is designed for slim drives which, unlike their full-size counterparts, fix the disc in the tray.

Besides the traditional pairs of USB 2.0 connectors and headphone/microphone sockets, the Antec sports an eSATA connector on its front panel. The latest version of the ISK 310-150 comes with USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0.

Besides the abovementioned stand, the accessories include fasteners, a mains cord, a brief user guide (the full version can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website), single-use cable straps, plastic self-adhesive cable holders, and a couple of paper pads for drives.

Before you get down to assembling your computer in this case, you have to take off the heavy metallic cover that is comprised of the top as well as side panels.


The interior is rather cramped. The chassis seems even smaller visually than it really is due to the frame which serves for fastening 2.5-inch disks and a slim optical drive.

The mounting frame is made of two parts. The top drive bay is secured with a thumbscrew above the optical drive.

The top bay can accommodate two 2.5-inch disks next to each other. Considering the small dimensions of this computer case, we could hardly expect it to be compatible with 3.5-inch HDDs, yet we still regret this fact because 2.5-inch HDDs have lower capacities and cost more for a gigabyte of storage.

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