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Antec NSK6580B

As opposed to the original Mini P180, the Antec NSK6580B is a variation of the ordinary midi-Tower concept.


Like the model discussed in the previous section, the NSK6580B comes in two colors: all black or with a silvery front panel. It is hard to choose the better of the two: both variants are rather boring visually, being typical unembellished square boxes. I don’t mean that the case is ugly. It just does not provoke a strong emotion. Take note of the protruding front panel: the gap allows for the intake of air.

The side panel is reminiscent of HEC (Ascot) products:

The column of buttons and connectors includes a small Reset button (most people will need a pen or something to press it), a metallized Power button, two audio connectors, two USB ports, and a FireWire port. You can easily plug two USB devices in without any problems.

The back panel is absolutely standard. The only noteworthy thing here is the 120mm fan.

Antec stands its ground: no plastic and no stiff rubber for the feet of the system case.

There are two vent grids in the side panel of the case opposite the CPU and expansion cards. A plastic funnel is installed on the interior of the top grid. It serves to deliver fresh air to the CPU cooler’s fan. This solution only works well with boxed or similar coolers, though. If you’ve got a large CPU cooler, you may want to remove the funnel or replace it with an 80mm fan.

The interior design makes me use the word standard again. The only unusual element is the large detachable cage for hard disk drives. This standard system case is high quality, though. The edges are all finished neatly, and every detail is rigid enough for you not to worry about rattle.

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