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Some elements of this design resemble HEC/Ascot products. I suspect this company is the real manufacturer of the NSK6580B whereas Antec just added a few design elements.

Take note that the fan is from the TriCool series again. That is, it features a 3-step speed control. The removable brackets and the base plate with screws at the back panel look familiar.

The drives rack is an ordinary thing with 5-inch bays at the top and a HDD cage at the bottom. 5-inch devices are fastened in the old way, with screws.

There are fan seats behind the cage. It is somewhat unusual that two 92mm rather than one 120mm model are supposed to be used. But this solution is logical considering how tall the drives rack is.

The cage resembles those used in other Ascot cases but differs with its size. It can accommodate not four but five HDDs, each drive on its own guide (in the original HEC/Ascot cases, save for the latest models, they are fastened with screws).

The rails are exactly the same as in other Antec cases: the HDD is fastened to the guide via damping silicone pads with four screws.

A special guide is necessary to install an external 3.5-inch device. The guide is simple but universal and won’t have problems with card-readers that lack some of the standard mounting holes.


It is easy to assemble a computer in this system case although laying the cables neatly is a bother after the Mini P180. Take note that the graphics card connector conflicts with one HDD again: the length of modern graphics cards may become a problem.

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