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Summing this test session up, I must acknowledge the high quality of the Antec brand. Every system case from Antec, from the miniature NSK1380 to the huge Twelve Hundred and from the handy and quiet P182 to the unsophisticated NSK6580B, shares the same high quality of manufacture, attention to small details and lack of serious defects in design. Of course, they come at a higher price than most opponent products, but you are guaranteed high quality for your money.

Talking about the specific products discussed in this review, the Antec Mini P180 has made more vivid impression, of course. The company has indeed managed to reduce the size of Performance One system cases while keeping all of their advantages. The resulting product has a standard size, good cooling, excellent sound insulation, and handy design. There is only one thing that can repel some users from it: it is meant for microATX mainboards only. If you don’t have anything against such mainboards, you may find this system case to be the rare example of a lucky compromise of features.

The Antec NSK6580B is simpler both externally and internally. In fact, it is comparable to many midrange system cases that are meant just to work properly rather than to impress the user in some way or another. And this product does its job well. Even with one 120mm fan it effectively cooled all system components in my tests, including four HDDs.

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