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The tested system cases are compared to the open testbed in the following diagrams:


Each of the three new system cases from Antec features a very attractive combination of price and functionality.

The junior model, Antec One, ensures excellent cooling (for its price category), has a robust chassis and supports USB 3.0. It is a good choice as an affordable system case if you are ready to put up with such downsides as the lack of dust filters and single-use expansion slot brackets.

The other two products are similar in design as well as pricing. The difference is no larger than $20, so we guess the P280 looks far more preferable. It features better soundproofing and is free from the minor flaws of the Eleven Hundred (like the inefficient design of the front filter and the hard plastic feet). Yes, the P280 is somewhat less efficient in terms of cooling, especially at the low speed of the fans, but the significant difference in noise makes it better overall.

The Eleven Hundred may be preferred by overclockers who value every extra megahertz of speed regardless of noise. They will appreciate its better out-of-box ventilation and the opportunity to install more fans. The exterior design with a side window and highlighting may also look prettier, although we’re in favor of the restrained appearance of the P280 model.

As a final remark, we'd like to recommend the potential buyer of any of these system cases to immediately install front fans on them (especially on the P280).

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