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Antec Performance One P193 V3

It’s time to take a look at the largest and heaviest product in this review. It is as heavy as 19.6 kilos! Compare this to the Antec P183 V3's 14 kilos.


Well, this model can be easily mistaken for the P183 V3 in the front view: the giant is only betrayed by the massive protrusion of the side fan.


More points of difference can be found elsewhere. The P193 V3 is longer and has a different design of the side panels that lack those shiny aluminum plates.

As a matter of fact, it is the side panels that are the reason for the considerable growth of mass in comparison with the more compact predecessor. The panels are still multilayered but the layers are different. Instead of a plastic sheet in between two aluminum panels (the latter are largely a decoration, though, the plastic sheet being the main noise-insulating factor) there is now a sheet of steel with a layer of polycarbonate on the inside. The latter ensures protection against noise and vibrations.

The top panel is also metallic rather than plastic as in the previous Performance One series products.


Another reason for the higher mass of the P193 V3 is that it’s longer by 83 millimeters to ensure better compatibility with long graphics cards. There is now a generous 36.5 centimeters from the expansion-slot brackets to the top HDD rack. HDDs installed into the top rack are going to take up some of that space, yet any modern graphics card, including dual-GPU ones, will certainly fit in together with any HDDs. As for graphics cards which are out of production now, you may only have some problems with a Radeon HD 5970.


The interior design of the P193 V3 has identical to that of the P183 V3, except for the increased length. It’s got the same bays, fasteners and other details, so I won’t discuss them again.

The single difference I could find is that the mainboard is installed on threaded feet instead of fixed poles. The partitions separating the top and bottom halves of the chassis are designed differently, too.

The P193 V3 is compatible with Extended ATX mainboards. The enlarged cutout in the mainboard's mounting plate will allow you to replace coolers of both CPUs without taking such a mainboard out of the system case if both CPU sockets are at the top of the case.

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