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I will be honest with you: most of contemporary system cases do not impress me. In my humble opinion, most of them have pretty ordinary design, while their price may often be way past the levels of “ordinary” products. Therefore, I thought it would be not a very good idea to ask me to review a system case from Antec: I would not be totally unbiased, because of pre-existing disappointed attitude. And the moment I saw Antec Skeleton I got even more certain of that. However, I knew that I would be biased for a completely different reason: it was love at first sight! :)

The first time I saw pictures of Antec Skelton I was completely carried away by its charm and originality:



Antec Skelton looks like nothing you have ever seen: it will be an excellent decoration, a true boast for the owner and center of attention for his guests. However, it will suit not only mainstream users. This case is almost completely open, features excellent ventilation, easy access to any part of the system and gives you the ability to replace any component problem-free. It looks like a perfect choice for a computer enthusiast or tester!

You know, if you are constantly testing the latest computer components, your attitude to them changes gradually. The interest remains, but the feeling of newness and the exciting expectation of the moment you meet disappear. A mainboard on a new chipset? Ok, I’ll check it out… The today’s fastest CPU? Alright, we’ll try overclocking it and see what’s up… The newest graphics card? Thank you, please keep it for now and I will pick it up later… However, Antec Skeleton revived the feelings that were almost completely gone by then; and these were not just some recent feelings, but something from the childhood. I suddenly felt like a little boy who points at a colorful toy store window pulling on mom’s hand and jumping with excitement.

“Yes, yes, I want it!” – this thought kept bothering me over and over again, however, I didn’t waste my time while waiting for this case. First of all I checked out the technical specifications of Antec Skeleton.  It looked like the size of this case would make it a perfect fit for my test desk, it would even free some extra space:

Then I took a close look at the user’s manual: everything was clear and simple but I still couldn’t understand how easy it would be to assemble and take apart a system like that. I downloaded a video review trying to sort things out, but it turned out completely useless and I could have just listened to the sound instead: two guys sit and talk about the case turning it one way or another occasionally. I really hope that our today’s article will help you get the feeling that you have just had Antec Skeleton in your own hands. You are going to learn about all the smallest assembly and disassembly peculiarities, get to know Skeleton’s advantages and drawbacks.

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