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Now it is time for a mainboard. The top mainboard tray is attached with three screws and can be easily removed, so that you could make cable management a walk in the park.

As for us, we will install the mainboard right away onto standard metal stands.

Now let’s push the chassis back into the frame, but not till the end.

You have to remove the retention panel made of clear plastic before you install any of the expansion cards. Then install the cards into corresponding slots, push the chassis back till the end, reattach the clear plastic panel and fasten the cards to it with enclosed screws.

Now all you have to do is put back two thumb-screws that hold the removable chassis in place, connect all the cables to the board, and you are done!

By the way, if you need to fit more than two hard disk drives into your system, you can use special retention frames to hold another four.

As you can see, there are rubber pads on these frames, too. The retention holes allow using these frames not only for hard disk drives, but also for a floppy drive or a card-reader. Additional drives will be attached to the sides of the Antec Skeleton case.

Note that you can easily remove these side panels if you need immediate access inside the system. Just pull open two latches and you can get in even without removing the chassis.

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