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Compatibility Issue

All the things we have mentioned above are not really drawbacks. These are just peculiarities of the work environment for Antec Skeleton that you should keep in mind. Otherwise it is an almost ideal case. That’s it. I cannot push it back anymore. It is time for me to spit it out: the only, but very serious drawback. It is in fact so serious that it makes the use of Antec Skeleton system case pretty questionable altogether.

The case is incompatible with almost any of the existing high-end CPU coolers.

Which models did you think of first? Scythe Ninja, Zalman CNPS9900, Tuniq Tower 120 - none of these coolers will fit inside Antec Skeleton. However, it is not a good idea to use a tower cooler with the fans directing airflow along the mainboard PCB. You should take full advantage of the quiet but very powerful top fan. That is why you should choose a cooler with a heatsink letting airflow go through from top to bottom. Antec Skeleton can only accommodate cooling solutions that are a little taller than an installed graphics card (only 110 mm), while most super-coolers are 140-160 mm tall. Zalman CNPS9500 measuring 125mm will fit in really tight and that would be the best you could do in terms of height. Even that cooler wouldn’t fit if it had a rectangular heatsink, just like most traditional tower coolers.

Zalman CNPS9500

Another good choice would be Thermalright XP-120, it fits in just perfectly.

Thermalright XP-120

Even a Thermalright SI-128 SE will fit in, but without the fan.

Thermalright SI-128SE

Strange as it might seem, but I didn’t find any mention of this serious issue neither in the user’s manual, nor on the manufacturer’s web-site. However, it will discourage most computer enthusiasts and testers from using this case. So, it turns out that the only type of user Antec Skeleton will suit are those valuing for extravagant looks above all.

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