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Sadly, my naïve childhood dream of an ideal system case fell apart on me. The same feeling struck me when I first learned that there was no Santa Claus and that babies were not brought by a stork. Now I understand that I wasn’t told the truth because it was really hard to explain the childbirth to a little boy. But why didn’t Antec warn the users about limited compatibility of their Skeleton system case with CPU coolers? They remembered to warn us that the case might be hazardous for hamsters and kittens, but forgot about the CPU cooler? I don’t think so. The truth is that Antec knew about this drawback and its ability to scare away a lot of potential users.

However, if you really want to, you can solve this problem. For example, pull out the chassis and do not push it back in at all. Or remove the part of the frame with the top fan. It will be a very good testbed, but a pretty expensive one, too. Besides, we will no longer be able to use the extremely efficient top fan. Or you can pull out the chassis and put something underneath the fan frame to make it taller. In fact, the distance from the mainboard to the fan is 165mm, so you can fit in a 160mm or lower cooler if you remove one of the stiffening fins and file down the decorative fan frame above it. In the two latter cases everything will work just fine, but will not look pretty anymore, unfortunately.

That is why I impatiently look forward to Antec Skeleton II case. Its top fan needs to be not just removable, but with adjustable height. It will certainly slightly increase the production costs. However, they could make the chassis non-removable and thus save some money here. Besides, they could use a variable resistor instead of a three-step switch for smooth adjustment of the fan rotation speed. That’s all.

But while Antec Skeleton II exists only in my dreams, I will still not give up the case I fell in love with at first sight. Three photographs above show that even now you can find a suitable solution for efficient processor cooling. Everything else about Antec Skeleton is impeccably ideal.

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