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The results are excellent, considering the CPU cooler rotation speed in each of the modes. The cases are very quiet – I could only hear some noise in the CPU Burn mode and only at the rear panel of the case. The exhaust fans can only be heard if you put your ear right to them – the special shape of the blades makes the fan nearly noiseless even at the maximum speed. The other system fans are louder. The exclusive ceramic bearing showed well, too. There’s no vibration at all, and the company’s 6-years warranty is reassuring, too.

The boxed cooler from Intel with speed control worked well, too, providing a wide speed adjustment range. The graphics card’s cooling system was almost silent. As the result, the Silentium system case was one of the quietest I had ever tested (at the default speed of the system fans). My apprehensions about the hard drive’s temperature in the closed box didn’t come true: the temperature of both drives (in the container and in a 3.5” bay) was almost the same during the test, reaching a maximum of 43°C. It’s rather far from the critical 55°C, so this HDD container can be recommended for use as a ready-made, even though not ideal, solution.

The downside of the Silentium series cases is their rather high price (about $120-130) and the limitations as to the resulting power of the assembled system (the testbed configuration is near the permissible maximum. It could only be improved with one more 5.25” device and a slightly faster processor, plus some little things like a modem or a TV-tuner). But if you need a system case for a very quiet, even though not extremely fast, home computer, you should definitely take a closer look at this series. Small, quiet and pretty-looking, the Silentium is going to be a good choice for a home PC. The price is justifiable, too. Four Arctic Fan 3 fans cost about $25, and a Seasonic SS-350ATC power supply costs about $40. Add also the soundproof container for the hard drive and the brand of a renowned maker of cooling systems and the excellent quality of manufacture. I guess this all is enough for the reviewed system cases to be considered as top-end products which just can’t be cheap.

Summary of technical characteristics for Arctic Cooling Silentium series cases:

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