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Model Range

The user wants variety? He’s going to get it! The developers of this product range have taken care about that. There are five models that only differ in the color and shape of the front panel. These system cases can be all divided in two groups, the first including the Silentium T1 and T2 (they have a door on the front panel) and the second including the Silentium T3, T4 and T5.

Silentium T1

The people who created the exterior of the Silentium system cases have done their job superbly:

The front door covers two 5.25” and two 3.5” open bays:

The door opens up by 90 degrees only, which may be inconvenient in some situations. The number of open bays is quite sufficient for a home machine.

The T1 model comes in one color scheme only:

Painted a deep black color and having a translucent plastic front panel with a matte white underlay, the case looks cool but also requires some servicing – your fingerprints are going to be visible on the front panel, especially near the lock of the drive bays cover.

The Silentium T1 is the only system case in the series that has the interface connectors in a side, rather than front, panel:

The developer’s desire to avoid spoiling the elegance of the front panel with trivial connectors is understandable, but it is not very handy to work with the connectors when they are placed this way.

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