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InWin IW-MG133

The second InWin is cheaper but seems to have the same specs as its more expensive cousin. Let’s see what you have to compromise with if you prefer the IW-MG133 to the IW-PE689.


The IW-MG133 looks even more original than the previous model, but hardly beautiful. The protruding belly of its front panel is far from elegant.

The plump outline with only three open 5.25-inch bays makes you think about mATX products, so the IW-MG133 seems more compact than it really is. It looks smaller than the IW-PE689 although their dimensions are actually similar.

The 5.25-inch bay faceplates can be easily taken out from the outside and fixed in two positions, with their front slanting upwards or downwards.

The Power and Reset buttons are simply cut out in the front panel below the open bays. The front panel is decorated by the manufacturer’s emblem and the checkerboard pattern on its edging.

There are a few cheap elements here but they are different from those of the IW-PE689. For example, the mainboard, like in the Ascot system case, stands on poles which are pressed out of the mounting plate. The feet of the case are made of hard plastic. The expansion-slot brackets are not reusable, except for the topmost one, and the quick fastening mechanism is far more primitive than in the more expensive InWin.


On the other hand, the IW-MG133 ensures protection against dust: its front fan is equipped with a mesh filter whereas the PSU fan is covered with a perforated sheet of plastic. You can install a second fan to cool the top of the HDD rack but a dust filter is not included for it.

As opposed to the IW-PE689, the accessories are normal including fasteners, a user manual, a set of single-use plastic straps, a PC speaker, a 35cm extension cable for the mainboard’s power cable (you still have to lay this cable out in the main compartment because there’s no hole for it in the mainboard’s mounting plate).

The I/O ports are the same as with the IW-PE689 but they are located better: the USB 2.0 connectors are separated with headphone and microphone sockets. One more USB port (version 3.0 as is indicated by the label SS) may be implemented but it was blocked in my sample of the system case.

The front panel is fastened in the same way as in the IW-PE689 and is as easy to take off.



The IW-MG133 is quite easy to deal with but cannot match the user-friendliness of its cousin. The fastening of the side panels and expansion-slot brackets is less handy. The PSU’s cables are not as long as necessary. It is much more difficult to connect HDDs.

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