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ASUS hasn’t been long on the market of PC cases, yet it has already established itself in the middle sector of it. A familiar brand and a rather good design of ASUS’s system cases have made them quite popular. This is not to say that the company considers this market as a priority: the model range mostly consists of midrange products and is not as comprehensive as what is offered by the industry majors.

Moreover, ASUS seems to target just the loyal fans of its brand, so its system cases are in fact niche products. Rather strange to have this from ASUS since other companies usually try to address their fans with top-end rather than midrange offerings.

But why does ASUS do so? You may remember the Vento system case that used to raise much excitement among the brand’s admirers as well as among all beauty-loving people. Most of them, however, were left disappointed after learning more about that product: a most improperly designed side panel, a cramped interior despite large dimensions, and a unique decorative panel that concealed the front bays and would fly up high at any touch.

Roughly speaking, ASUS’s engineers took it very easy and just designed a plastic outside for an ordinary midrange system case with all the consequences. The resulting product was comparable to such brands as Lian-Li in price, but far inferior to them in quality and characteristics. ASUS never tried to experiment like that anymore, but focused on production of midrange cases, and this is in fact what the company’s current model range is like: mainstream PC cases priced a little higher than others because they sport an ASUS logo.

Well, some users may argue my point, but my goal is to show you how appealing ASUS’s current PC cases are for an ordinary PC user. Three models are going to be presented to you today, two of them belonging to the middle class and one with some pretension to originality.

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