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ASUS P-55GA (550W)

Differing from the previous model with only one letter in its name, the P-55GA is actually quite a different power supply.

The box is the same size but more colorful and attractive than the previous model’s, but how many customers choose their power supply by its box, anyway? PSUs selling apart of a system case are usually bought by experienced users who repair or upgrade their PCs with their own hands. For such users it is the parameters, not the appearance, that are the most important.

The PSU is as large as the previous model (140 millimeters in length) but the case has changed dramatically, starting from the color of the On/Off switch and ending with the design of the cover. When you are taking this model apart, you must move the cover backward rather than lift it up.

The internal design has little to do with the A-55GA, too. Although the overall functionality and characteristics of the two models coincide, the P-55GA uses a different platform from a different manufacturer. The latter can be easily identified by the UL certificate number on the PSU label. It is Delta Electronics. The PSU uses a common design with an active PFC device at the input and joint voltage regulation at the output. The assembly quality is high.

CapXon capacitors are installed in the PSU’s low-voltage section.

The PSU is cooled by a 120x120x25mm fan (Yate Loon D12SH-12) with a rated speed of 2200rpm.

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