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Our tests of power-supply units selling under the ASUS brand prove their high competitiveness due to high quality and nice characteristics. The units produced similar test results to those shown by PSUs from FSP, Zalman, InWin and other companies, much experienced in this field. All the three models we’ve tested today belong to the mid-range price niche – they don’t have those gold-plated connectors or fans highlighting or any other now-popular decorations, which anyway don’t affect their functionality or quality of service. They will suit to people who need a good PSU, but don’t want to pay more for those embellishments.

In my opinion, the ASUS A-30H is superior to the other two models. It comes with two 80mm fans and the use of high-quality blowers along with the efficient control over their rotational speeds made this PSU a very quiet one.

Unfortunately, the ASUS A-30G with its 120mm fan cannot work without making some noise, but it does the cooling most efficiently. It is for users who care more about the cooling proper than about the silence. Well, this fan can also drop its speed under small loads and become very quiet.

The ASUS A-30F has average cooling/noise parameters, but its lower price and the same electrical characteristics as of the two more expensive models may make it a successful product, too.

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