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The label says that the PSU has a total output power of 650W and can provide up to 624W (52A) across its +12V rail divide into four output lines. The load capacity of the +3.3V and +5V rails is quite high, up to 180W. A real-life modern PC system can hardly consume more than one third of that amount of power.

The PSU passed my full-load test successfully.

The output voltage ripple on every of the PSU’s three outputs tracked in this test is about half the permissible maximum at full load. Take note that while the similar PSU from Thermaltake had individual short spikes of voltage, but we don’t see much of them here. Is it the consequence of the use of capacitors from United Chemi-Con instead of Samxon?

The cross-load diagram looks good: the +12V voltage is ideal. The +5V and +3.3V voltages deflect by 3% only at near-maximum loads which are impossible in a real PC. None of the voltages reaches a 5% deflection which is considered critical.

The fan speed is constant at somewhat lower than 1000rpm at loads below 200W. The PSU is not quiet then, but quite comfortable. When the load grows higher, the fan accelerates rapidly, reaching the maximum speed (1740rpm) at 450W. Of course, the amount of noise is increased greatly. As a result, the NRP-MC651 is acceptable in terms of noisiness at low loads and rather noisy at medium and high loads. I can note that its acoustic parameters are almost identical to those of Thermaltake’s PSUs and other models developed by CWT on the same platform.

The efficiency and power factor measurements do not produce any surprises. The PSU is 71% efficient at minimum load, 85% efficient at medium load, and 83% efficient at full load. This is quite an ordinary result which is somewhat inferior to the best models of PSUs from other makers.

Thus, the Xigmatek “No Rules Power” NRP-MC651 is yet another representative of the popular series of PSUs manufactured by Channel Well for many retail brands. Its parameters make it almost indistinguishable from such PSUs as Thermaltake’s Purepower RX and Toughpower series, Corsair’s CMPSU-750TX and many others that are manufactured at CWT’s facilities on the basis of the same platform.

The NRP-MC651 has very good electric parameters and offers a full selection of cables and connectors to allow you to assemble almost any configuration without adapters. The only drawback I can find in this model is that its noisiness varies from acceptable to rather noisy depending on load.

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