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I guess this test session is the rare occasion when I can definitely name one absolute leader. It is the Enermax MODU82+ power supply. Besides neat assembly and superb electric properties, it proved to be so quiet that it was virtually silent at low and medium loads and quite comfortable at full load. Surely, the MODU82+ won’t be the noisiness component in a system that can load half-a-kilowatt power supply.

Thermaltake wanted to compete with Enermax but proved to be a disappointment. The Toughpower QFan W0163RU is almost no different from cheaper Purepower RX and Toughpower (without the QFan suffix) series models, being only superior to them in terms of noisiness when working at low loads. The QFan technology itself is rather questionable and the QFan-enabled power supply is not the quietest available. So, if you want a high-quality medium-noisiness power supply, you shouldn’t pay extra for QFan. And if you want to have complete silence, you should consider products from other manufacturers instead.

The Xigmatek “No Rules Power” NRP-MC651, manufactured at Channel Well’s facilities too, is almost exactly alike to Thermaltake’s power supply in its electrical section. The difference between the two is about noise: the NRP-MC651 is average in terms of noisiness even at low loads. It will satisfy most users, but not a lover of silence.

Besides the Xigmatek, power supplies from two more companies have debuted in our reviews. I mean the BFG ES-800 and the Super Talent Atomic Juice PS-700. The former disappointed me somewhat with the choice of the developer and manufacturer (Andyson had been criticized by me before for low assembly quality). Moreover, the voltage ripple at the PSU’s output exceeded the permissible limit.

While the debut of BFG is questionable, the entrance of Super Talent into the power supply market is unfortunately a total failure. The PS-700 model, manufactured at FSP Group’s facilities, turned to have mediocre electrical parameters and but also produce so much noise that I wouldn’t risk recommending it even to undemanding users.

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