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Enermax MODU82+ EMD525AWT (525W)

The urge of every manufacturer of computer peripherals to begin to produce power supplies under his own brand is even hilarious now, especially as there are rather few actual makers of power supplies, but Enermax earned its reputation by producing PSUs. It is sad we don’t often have the chance to review its products.

To make our amends to the respected company, we are going to test the 525W MODU82+ power supply. This model belongs to the new series of Enermax’s products. The number 82 is supposed to indicate that the PSU not only meets the requirements of the 80 Plus program (it requires the PSU to have an efficiency of 80% or higher at loads from 20% to maximum) but surpasses them. Well, the high efficiency is not the only declared advantage of this PSU. It is also claimed to be very quiet at work. Let’s see…

The PSU has a standard case. Many other PSUs, and high-wattage models from Enermax too, have an increased depth, which may prevent you from installing them into a small system case. The dimensions are standard thanks to the 12mm fan.

But what about the promised silence? All the manufacturers are touting power supplies with 14cm cooling fans now. Well, I have to tell you that size doesn’t matter here. What matters is the developer’s experience. Every engineering solution has its pros and cons, and the choice of the cooling fan is no exception. The end result depends not on the fan size but on the design the developer created having such a fan in mind. For example, Antec’s very quiet NeoHE PSUs are cooled with one 80mm fan whereas the FSP Epsilon series have a very loud 120mm fan.

The PSU has a modular design. It has three fixed cables and seven connectors for detachable cables (five for HDDs and other peripherals and two for graphics cards). The connectors are shaped differently. You cannot confuse them even if you are plugging the cables in blindly.

By the way, Enermax also offers the PRO82+ model which is exactly alike to the MODU82+ in its specs but has non-detachable cables and is cheaper as the consequence.

The interior design of this PSU seems to be ordinary enough. It has one power transformer, an active PFC device (its choke can be seen at the left edge of the PCB, near the couple of large high-voltage capacitors), and dedicated voltage regulation. The component mounting is neat and tidy overall. I have no complaints about that.

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