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The PSU worked without problems at its full load of 525W.

The output voltage ripple was low on every power rail at full load. It is twice or thrice lower than the permissible maximum.

There were also small low-voltage pulsations but the PSU meets the requirements of the industry standard even if you add those in.

The cross-load diagram of this PSU is a treat for the eye. None of the three tracked voltages exceeds a 3% deflection at any load combination. What is especially good, the +12V voltage is very close to 12 volts even at the maximum permissible load for that power rail. So, this PSU can easily power up a hardware configuration with a power draw of nearly 525W. And it is not so easy even to assemble such a configuration as typical computers need much less power.

The PSU was brilliant in the fan speed test. Its fan started at less than 500rpm. You can’t hear the fan at such a speed unless you put your ear close to it in a very quiet room. The speed grows up along with the load, but only reached 1000rpm at 400W. The fan had a speed of only 1260rpm at full load. Although it is audible at such a speed, its noise is within comfortable limits.

The PSU also features superb efficiency. It is 88% efficient at the peak and 85% efficient at full load. Do you remember the above-discussed BFG ES-800 which claims to deliver high efficiency at low loads? Of course, it is not quite correct to compare 525W and 800W power supplies, yet I can note that the MODU82+ is about 80% efficient at a load of 50W whereas the ES-800 is about 76% efficient at that load.

So, Enermax’s new series of PSUs is not just a success. It is brilliant. The MODU82+ delivers superb electrical parameters, high efficiency, stable voltages, all the necessary connectors, and quietest, near silent, operation. This PSU is going to be a perfect choice for any medium and even top-end PC configuration, from a HTPC to a gaming station. Moreover, the MODU82+ is not only as quiet as the recognized leaders like Zalman ZM460B-APS or Seasonic S-12 but may even prove superior to them in terms of noisiness.

If the price of the MODU82+ seems too steep to you, you may want to consider the cheaper version called PRO82+ that comes with non-detachable cables.

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