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SuperTalent Atomic Juice PS-700 (700W)

Super Talent may be familiar to you as the maker of good USB flash drives.

But today, you will discover this company as the manufacturer of power supplies.

In fact, the appearance of this PSU is most indicative of its real manufacturer: a compact, standard-size case with characteristic vent slits at the bottom of the side panel.

The interior design leaves no place for doubt, too. Of course, this is a FSP Epsilon you may be familiar with by our reviews. In the OEM version it is called FSP700-80GLN.

PSUs of this series can be identified by the three heatsinks only one of which has any ribbing at all. The other two are absolutely smooth. However, there are no overheat-related problems as I have repeatedly made sure of in my tests. The manufacturer made up for the small dissipation area of the heatsinks by using a redundant amount of semiconductor components. Diode packs at the output stand in twos or even in fours. It is mainly done to reduce the weight of the PSU. In Europe, this lowers the value of the tax on electronic equipment.

A 470µF/420V capacitor from OST is installed on the PSU’s input. At the output there are capacitors from CapXon and from OST’s RLP series. The main regulator and the active PFC device are based on a Champion CM6800G chip. The standby +5V source is based on a Fairchild FSDM0265R.

The PSU is cooled with a 120x120x25mm fan (Yate Loon D12BH-12) with a rated speed of 2300rpm.

The fan is highlighted with four orange LEDs at work. This color doesn’t match the blue case of the PSU but agrees with the coloring of its box.

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