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The PSU is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • Mainboard cable with a 24-pin connector (with a detachable 4-pin part); 45cm long
  • CPU cable with an 8-pin EPS12V connector; 51cm
  • CPU cable with a 4-pin ATX12V connector; 49cm
  • Two graphics card cables with 6-pin connectors; 51cm
  • Two cables with four Molex connectors and one floppy mini-plug on each; 49cm to the first plug and then 15cm more to each next plug
  • Two cables with two SATA power connectors on each; 16cm+15cm

Like those of the previous model, the cables are flat and silvery. Curiously enough, they have put multicolored marks on the wires where the cables are soldered to the power supply’s PCB.

Alas, the cross-load characteristic of this power supply is worse than its predecessor’s: the +5V and +3.3V voltages are rather stable, but the +12V is obviously set too low. As a result, this voltage is going to sag to 11.5-11.6V in a modern computer where it has to bear the main load while the low-voltage rails are under a load of 30-50W only.

At a load of 560W the voltage ripple is 35 millivolts on the +5V rail, 70 millivolts on the 35V rail, and 40 millivolts on the +3.3V rail. The higher-capacity capacitors on the input do not help the PSU cope with a low-voltage pulsation which still persists.

The PSU is cooled with two 80x80x25mm fans of an obscure origin (they are labeled “Ultra”, but I doubt Ultra Products itself manufactures fans and transports them to Taiwan for Wintech). The speed of the fans depends almost linearly on the PSU temperature. The unit is quiet, almost silent, at low loads, but at loads of 200-250W the fans are perfectly audible.

The efficiency and power factor graphs for this unit are almost the same as the ones for the ULT-XF500. This is expectable considering their similar circuit design. The efficiency is 81% at the maximum.

So, the X-Finity ULT-XF600 power supply has the same pros and cons as the junior, ULT-XF600 model. This PSU doesn’t have any exceptional traits (I don’t count in the silvery cables among such since owners of non-transparent system cases won’t notice them at all while other users are offered much more exciting options like shining cables, for instance). Its +12V voltage is set too low; it has a rather strong low-frequency pulsation on the output and is rather loud under high loads. If you are not worried about these drawbacks, the PSU will suit you fine. It is quite capable of powering up a modern computer.

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