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It’s all splendid otherwise: two connectors for graphics cards (and you wouldn’t probably want to buy a PSU of that high wattage for a computer with a single graphics card) and four power connectors for SATA drives – just what a high-wattage modern power supply should be equipped with.

The cross-load characteristic of the PSU looks well, although not quite ideally. The main problem is that the +12V voltage bottoms out under +12V-oriented loads. And it is typical of all modern computers, especially of those with a SLI or CrossFire graphics subsystem, to consume a lot from the +12V power rail and little from the other ones. On the other hand, the +12V voltage goes out of the acceptable limits at greatly misbalanced loads only, so this is not such a terrible defect.

I tested the PSU with an APC SmartUPS SC 620 uninterruptible power supply. The UPS would indicate overload at a load of about 365W (AC power source) and 320W (when switching to the batteries). There were no problems under loads of below 320W: both the power supply and the UPS correctly worked through disconnection from the 220V electric network.

At full load (500W) the voltage ripple was 37 millivolts on the +5V rail (mostly low-frequency pulsation as the lower of the two oscillograms shows), 71 millivolts on the +12V rail, and 32 millivolts on the +3.3V rail. The pulsation becomes weaker at lower loads.

The unit is cooled with an NMB-Matsushita 3110GL-B4W-B54 fan whose speed is adjusted depending on the temperature. The PSU is among the quieter models with 80mm fans, but it cannot compete with 120mm fans. The fan is audible at work.

The efficiency of the PSU is good at 84%. The power factor is less good, being 0.97 at best, which is lower than with many other PSUs with active PFC. The difference is small, though.

So, it is clear the Zippy HP2-6500PE is originally a server power supply which has been released anew in a colorful box for home users. The server origin of this model is betrayed by its appearance as well as parameters, particularly by the high load capacity of the +5V rail. This is a high-quality and reliable power supply capable of coping with any modern computer, but you won’t like it if silence is your priority. The speed of its fan is too high even under low loads. Owners of powerful, probably overclocked computers with a top-end processor and a SLI or CrossFire subsystem consisting of two top-end graphics cards should be aware of the sagging +12V voltage. This voltage is likely to go down to 11.5-11.6V with your configuration, potentially spoiling your overclocking attempts.

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