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Of the five PSU manufacturers whose products have been presented to you in this article, only two have taken part in our earlier reviews. These are A.C.Ryan and CoolerMaster.

Alas, A.C.Ryan has nothing to be proud of. I already noticed some drawbacks in their models of the Ryanpower2 series before, but the new and allegedly higher-wattage model even adds new drawbacks to the older ones. The new PSU can’t even yield the declared maximum output power at all! The included cables are scanty; the available connectors do not permit to connect a modern computer without adapters. And I wouldn’t be that much disappointed if it were not for the boastful words the PSU description is interspersed with.

CoolerMaster’s 550W model is, on the contrary, a lucky continuation of the older 450W model. The RS-550-ACLY can easily power up almost any modern computer and comes with as many cables and connectors as you need to attach any peripherals without adapters. This PSU has a single drawback. It is noisier than the previous model since its fan rotates at a 400rpm higher speed under all loads.

Sunbeamtech did well among the debutants. Although this manufacturer is not widely known, its model proved to have good technical parameters as well as rich and curious accessories and functionality. Telling you the truth, the PSU from A.C.Ryan should have been like that if its developers justified the writings of its marketing department. The PSU offers cables just for everything while the temperature & fan management system deserves my special praises. I’ve met only two PSUs with temperature control before: Magnum and SinTek WIN550XSPX-X. Both display the temperature value on an integrated screen placed in a very inconvenient location. As opposed to that, the SUNNU550 can be attached not only to its native panel for a 3.5” bay, but to control panels from other manufacturers, too.

The products from Zippy are good, too. At least they do have excellent electrical parameters, but may be found intolerably noisy by many home users (especially the senior 600W model with its annoyingly-sounding fan). I think Zippy would do well not to adapt server PSUs for pretty-looking boxes, but to release a real home product with a quiet 120mm fan, as the major manufacturers do.

The last goes Ultra Products whose power supplies are actually manufactured by the well-known Wintech. These are average products with some pretensions (silvery cables!), but without anything really exceptional about them. Their quality of manufacture and their electrical characteristics are just average.


Click here for the cross-load characteristics of the tested PSUs.

Click here to download the viewer of the cross-load data.

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