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Sunbeamtech Nuuo Series SUNNU550-EUAP (550W)

It’s the first time a product from Sunbeamtech comes into our power supply reviews, so I can’t tell you anything about the company except that its Tuniq Tower fans are reported to do well in tests. My search for the real manufacturer of the PSU produced the name of Andyson International Co., Ltd., which I cannot tell you much about, either.

The PSU came to our lab in a cute-looking cardboard box which contained, besides the PSU proper, a very detailed user manual (my thanks go to the manufacturer for it as most other PSU manuals merely contain a couple of tables with specs and a couple of pictures to illustrate the connections), a set of detachable cables, and a fan control panel to be inserted into a 3.5” bay of your system case.

The dark lacquered steel case of the PSU is cooled with two fans, 120mm and 80mm. It’s not very usual to have different-size fans in a power supply; I’ve only seen this in products from Wintech (that are selling under a number of trademarks). The manufacturer claims it to be more efficient than the classic cooling solution with a single 120mm fan.

Although with active PFC, the power supply supports an input AC voltage of 220V only.

On the other side of the unit, there is an abundance of connectors: four connectors for PATA drives, two more for SATA ones (the narrow 5-pin connectors in the bottom right), an 8-pin CPU power connector, a 6-pin graphics card connector, and a group of 2- and 3-pin connectors that I’ll discuss later on. A.C.Ryan would do well to follow this example.

The power connectors for your drives are plugged up with protective rubber caps. There’s a reminder on the caps on the PATA power connectors for you to be careful to connect the cables correctly. Yes, the connector has two keys (cut-off corners) to prevent incorrect orientation, but it is made of soft plastic, so the keys won’t help much if you apply some effort. I hope the manufacturer will see to this problem in the future. Until then, you just have to be careful. Note that there is no such text on the SATA power connectors’ caps because the different shape of the connector makes it impossible that you position it in the wrong direction.

It’s all plain inside this PSU: group voltage regulation, active PFC on a separate card, two 820µF capacitors on the output (the effective capacitance is 410µF since they are connected in series). The small green card on the heatsink (there are in fact two of them there, but the other hides under the mains connector and is barely visible in the snapshots) carries fan control circuitry – not the ordinary thermal control, which is located elsewhere, but an auxiliary circuit for the external fan management unit that I’ll describe below.

The output connectors are fastened on the common PCB the wires are soldered to. This looks neat enough, but I’ve seen prettier solutions in other PSUs.

The only stationary cable here is the mainboard’s one, with a 24-pin connector (a 4-pin part of it is detachable); its length is 47 centimeters.

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