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Ultra Products X-Finity ULT-XF500 (500W)

Ultra Products is a new name in our reviews, but my search for the actual manufacturer of the power supply yielded immediate results. It is the Taiwan-based Wintech who is already well known to us by power supplies of the MGE and SinTek brands. The unit can be identified as Wintech visually, too. No other company uses bright yellow capacitors and blue transformer cores.

I noticed a funny thing about the box. If you put it on a side, the big pretty slogan that reads “Limited Lifetime Warranty” transforms into an alarming “Limited Lifetime”. :)

The PSU has a dark lacquered case and is cooled with a single 120mm fan. It can work in 110 and 220V electric networks, but with a manual switch only. The switch is to be found in quite an odd location: it is inside the computer when you install the power supply. This makes sense, though, because you won’t need that switch after you’ve assembled the computer. It’s even right to hide the switch from accidental presses since the PSU would just go kaput immediately if the input voltage switch were set to a wrong position.

The internal design of the PSU is quite typical, without any extras. There is neither active nor passive PFC here (so, this version of the unit cannot be supplied into Europe); the regulator is based on a KA7500 chip (it is an exact analog of the TL494, one of the oldest PWM controllers). There are two 1000µF capacitors on the PSU’s input. The bright colors of the different components are typical of Wintech’s products.

There is a 25mm gap between the PCB and the front panel. Our colleagues from Silent PC Review suppose it has something to do with efficient cooling, but I’m inclined to take a simpler view of the things. I think this gap is the consequence of Wintech making all its power supplies using the same barebone. For example, the power supplies from MGE Vortec and SinTek (both are manufactured at Wintech facilities) have one 80mm fan besides the 120mm one, and the ULT-XF500 uses the same PCB whose dimensions are meant for an additional fan. Moreover, Wintech uses the same platform in PSUs that are cooled by 80mm fans only.

I couldn’t discover the manufacturer of the fan. It only bears an “Ultra” sticker. A bit more than one third of the fan is covered with a piece of translucent plastic. It is where the fan has contact with the external perforated panel of the PSU.

Having a lower wattage in comparison with the above-described models, this PSU has a higher allowable load on the +12V rail. It is 32A. The combined load on the +5V and +3.3V is just a little over the requirements of the ATX12V 2.0 standard, in which this load was greatly reduced relative to the previous versions.

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