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When the PSU was working with an APC SmartUPS SC 620, the UPS’s indicator reported overload if there was a load of over 380W on the PSU irrespective of the power source (electric mains or batteries). This is a record-breaking result that is indicative of high efficiency of the PSU as well as of well-designed PFC (not because it corrects the power factor well, but because it works normally with the non-sinusoidal voltage the SC 620 yields from its batteries).

There are narrow surges in the oscillogram of the +5V voltage ripple that occur at the moments when the inverter’s transistors are switched over. Apart from that (and the mainboard is going to filter out most of those surges), the pulsation is low, only 14 milliseconds in amplitude. At full load the voltage ripple was 85 millivolts on the +12V rail (the permissible maximum is 120 millivolts) and 29 millivolts on the +3.3V rail (the permissible maximum is 50 millivolts).

The cross-load diagram doesn’t look that well after we’ve seen diagrams of models with independent voltage regulation. But considering that the power consumption of a typical modern computer falls into the bottom third of the diagram (a low load on the +5V and +3.3V and a high load on the +12V rail), it’s all right here. The PSU’s voltages won’t violate the acceptable limits in a real computer system.

The PSU uses a Protechnic Electric MGA12012HB-O25 fan whose speed is regulated linearly through the entire load (temperature) range, almost. The PSU is of an average quietness. Most users will be quite satisfied with it, but the RS-600-ASAA isn’t exactly silent, because of its intrinsically loud fans from Protechnic Electric that are also rotating at a rather high speed.

The efficiency of this PSU is an impressive 87% at the max point, but 85-86% at higher loads (well, that’s excellent, too). The power factor is 0.97-0.98 on average.

So, the iGreen Power RS-600-ASAA is a high-quality modern power supply, but it only stands out among similar models with its high efficiency. Although high efficiency means low heat dissipation inside the PSU case and, accordingly, allows to implement a quieter cooling system, this PSU is not quiet. Its fan speed is average.

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