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FSP FSP400-60GLN (400W)

I have been reviewing power supplies from FSP Group quite regularly, but those were mostly boxed products while you can also meet cheaper OEM versions in the shops. They are actually meant to be sold together with a system case or a whole PC, yet you may be interested in them if you don’t care about colorful product packaging.

The FSP400-60GLN belongs to the newest series of ATX12V 2.0 power supplies from FSP. This series is the basis of such boxed models as FSP Optima Pro, FSP BlueStorm II, Zalman ZM460B-APS and others.

The PSU has a plain gray case with a wire fan grid. It lacks any kind of decorations.

FSP released its GLN and HLN series to a surprise to many reviewers: those PSUs could be mistaken for 200W ones judging by the size of the heatsinks, yet they easily coped with two times that load. This is not a secret anymore. FSP could use smaller heatsinks because it also used a large number of parallel-connected diode packs which heated up much less as the consequence. The total weight of the PSU was less than 2 kilos which was important for European users – the value of the EU tax on electronic equipment depends on the weight of the equipment. The other characteristics of the PSUs didn’t deteriorate from that.

Being a junior model in the GLN series, this PSU has a peak output power of 400W. Its heatsinks are perfectly smooth aluminum bars. Small ribbing only appears on the heatsinks of the higher-wattage models of the series. Additional ribbing is also present on the heatsinks of the 460W Zalman ZM460B-APS, which was based on the FSP460-60GLN with quiet operation in mind.

Otherwise, the circuit design of this PSU is ordinary for today: active PFC, a single-ended PWM-controller based on a CM6800G chip with an operating frequency of about 110kHz, and joint voltage regulation.

The specifications are fully compliant with the ATX12V 2.0 standard. The combined load on the +12V rail can be as high as 29A (348W). Thanks to active PFC the power supply supports input voltages from 100 to 240V without a switch. It has no problems with UPSes (I mention this specifically because some older PSUs with active power factor correction, from FSP too, didn’t work right with UPSes).

The PSU offers the following cables and connectors:

  • Mainboard cable with a 24-pin connector (50cm long)
  • CPU cable with a 4+4 connector (52cm)
  • One cable with two Molex connectors and one mini-plug for a floppy drive (51+15+15cm)
  • One cable with two Molex connectors (51+15cm)
  • One cable with one SATA power connector (51cm)

The cables are tied with nylon straps.

That’s a depressing sight indeed: a modern 400W PSU with only one SATA power connector (and sometimes you can even encounter its version without any SATA connectors at all!) and with no graphics card power connector. Perhaps FSP invites the customer to choose the more expensive boxed versions of PSUs. For example, the BlueStorm II, based on the FSP400-60GLN, not only has a beautiful blue color of the case but also a broader selection of connectors.

Owners of older PCs should be aware that the FSP400-60GLN has a non-separable 24-pin mainboard plug. You’ll have to use an adapter to plug it into an old mainboard with a 20-pin connector on board.

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